Fede Hoppe’s blooper that worried his girlfriend Macarena Rinaldi: “Be careful!”

Federico Hoppe’s blooper at the house of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero (Instagram @micaviciconte)

Despite being one of the best known producers of Marcelo Tinelli, fat mare He always had a very low profile. That is why she also decides not to expose herself so much on social networks. However, his girlfriend macarena rinaldi sometimes he shares with his followers some moments of the couple’s intimacy, and it is through her that it is known that both have a great friendship with little viscount Y Fabian Cuberowith whom they hang out often. And it was precisely at the last meeting when Hoppe was the protagonist of an unexpected blooper.

It all started after a dinner they shared at the house of the former champion of celebrity masterchef and the footballer. After watching the latest movie Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick while they ate popcorn, they set out to have fun with a virtual reality video game console.

“Yesterday Fede playing and this happened”Mica announced in her stories, that she was in charge of recording the images with her cell phone. It’s just that when it was the producer’s turn, she got dizzy and he slammed his fist hard against a key chain that was hanging on a wall. “Caution!”the former dancer is heard saying when she sees her boyfriend’s incident. “What did I hit?”he asked concerned, since he still had his glasses on from the game. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and they were able to continue having fun. Then it was Rinaldi’s turn, but in her case she was much more fearful and did not want to risk making any movement that could cause a blow.

Fede Hoppe and Macarena Rinaldi met at Dancing for a Dream and have been together since 2017

For a few months, Maca and Fede have also been working on the construction of their new house. Some time ago, she had been the one who gave the first indications of this new step. She did it through a video that she posted on her account at Instagram where it showed an overview of the work in question. “In construction”titled about a panoramic shot in which the foundations of the project could be seen. “Starting a dream. Our house!” he captioned her, even though she was just taking her first steps. However, in the middle of the well in the ground, a detail of the construction could be guessed that is not very common and that caught the attention of his followers.

The topic returned to the scene thanks to the questions of his followers who had taken note of the building and wanted to know how it was evolving. “Little by little it advances. Let’s go to the underground part. I’ve been asked ‘why so low?’… That’s it. We decided to do it with subsoil”, he responded to a specific concern. The information surprised and generated intrigue about what use they will give the basement.

Thus, both consolidate a relationship that was confirmed before the eyes of Argentine viewers and in the prime time of the TV screen. The thirteen. it all happened At the end of 2017, when the rumors and the photos that showed them together could no longer be hidden, Tinelli asked them during a broadcast of ShowMatch what happened between them and they kissed passionately as an “officialization” of your relationship.

From that moment, the love between them did not stop growing. They shared vacations, work seasons, surfed some crises and went through the toughest stage of isolation decreed by the pandemic together. That March 2020 surprised them by returning from Mexico after spending the summer in Carlos Paz, and they returned to the edge of confinement.


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