Fernández targeted tourists who buy dollars to travel “and make the blue dollar rise”

18 JULY 2022 – 14:40
The President acknowledged that Argentina is facing “complex moments” and referred to the situation of government spending.

President Alberto Fernández acknowledged that the Government is facing “complex moments” and that it must “adjust some numbers in the public accounts”although he clarified that “this is not going to be done at the expense of stopping public works and housing.”

“I know that these are complex times, that we have to adjust some numbers in the public accounts, but that will not be done at the expense of stopping public works and housing, because Argentines need roads and housing”the president maintained.

When launching the Argentina Grande program at the Bicentennial Museum, the head of state assured that Argentina “is not a place where tourists buy dollars to travel and make the blue dollar go up, nor is it the place where speculators make the dollar go up and we are all concerned”, but the one that “educates, which generates employment, and healthy”.

In turn, he highlighted the public works plans carried out by the Government and remarked that it is “an investment that is good for people.” “Public works will be the engine of the economy”, Alberto Fernández underlined while recalling that when he assumed the management of Mauricio Macri he had left 70% of public works paralyzed and others, under the PPP (Public-Private Project) that were dismantled to tender the projects.

On the other hand, after the crisis of the Front of All, the President redirected his sights against the opposition and once again questioned the financial speculators. “We are different, we are different, and we want to be different and different. We have come this far so that Argentina recovers dignity, work, production, education and public health. And although some discourage us and want to bring down the citizenry, we will continue to show who we think of, and who others think“, expressed the president in the act of announcing the Great Argentina Plan.

And continued: “We don’t do business for friends, they do. We want us all to grow, we don’t want to live comfortably, we want everyone to do so, and we don’t want dignity for ourselves, but for everyone. And that’s the big difference.”

From the Bicentennial Museum, the governors Axel Kicillo (Buenos Aires), osvaldo jaldo (Tucuman), Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero), Omar Gutierrez (Neuquen), Raul Jalil (Catamarca) applauded the head of state. Via Zoom they gave the present Rodolfo Suarez (Mendoza), Jorge Captainich (Chaco) and Gustavo Saenz (jump)

They want to depress us every day, they do everything possible to make us feel that we are in the worst of all worldssome do it by speaking: the same ones that caused us depression come to tell us how depressed we areand others do it by acting, speculatingputting ourselves to the limit”, pointed out the head of state.

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