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We continue from this section looking for savings or investment alternatives that help to ‘fight’ inflation, or at least to preserve the pesos in the days that remain to face a payment. Does your card expire in 10 days and you already have part of the money, but you need to complete it, so as not to pay only the minimum and ‘eat’ the interest? Did you have a few mangoes left over from the bonus? Here are some ideas to explore, apart from the most common fixed-term options or the purchase of dollars.

Although the capital market is, for most people at least, an idea of ​​something far away and difficult to access, specialized sites and applications created by stockbrokers have grown in recent times, making it possible for today these forms of investment can be solved in a simple way from a cell phone, as if it were operating in ‘home banking’.

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On this occasion, we spoke again with experts from Balanz, a company specialized in investments, which offers services from its website (, where you can start trading by opening an account from anywhere in the country. .


“The capital market became popular and today it can be accessed from the cell phone,” said Mateo Sarsur, who works as Balanz’s ‘head sales trader’ and was consulted for this exclusive ADNSUR report. There are many instruments to invest and they do not require minimum amounts, so with little money you can access different options for small or medium savers”.

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Instruments to think beyond the fixed term or “dollars under the mattress”

We then began exploring other investment options, somewhat more sophisticated than the fixed-term alternative or the purchase of savings dollars, but not as complex or restricted as could be considered until a few years ago, when thinking about the stock market was something limited only to large investors or certain social sectors.

“Both we and other market players try to bring this type of tool closer to the average investor, who perhaps sees this as something far away when it is the opposite,” said the expert. Today it is just as simple as establishing a fixed term or a common investment fund, or some of the assets that we are going to detail in this talk”.

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According to Sasur, “The idea is to lose that fear or that image that the capital market is exclusive to a few. There are many alternatives that go beyond the fixed term or that have other advantages, with similar rates”.

As we always clarify from here, everyone knows what to do with their money and from this space We do not seek to “recommend” or guarantee results, but simply to explore alternatives so that ADNSUR readers have more elements for analysis.

Mateo Sarsur, sales manager at Balanz.
Mateo Sarsur, sales manager at Balanz.

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“Today money slips through your fingers and what we are trying to do is make different tools available to preserve it, with personalized advice from company experts, who explain how to start operating and what options may be the most appropriate for you. the profile of each investor, according to the risk that they are willing to assume”, added Sarsur.

Five not-so-complex forms of investing

Stock bond. This option, as explained by Sarsur, is the most similar to the fixed term. It is a kind of term loan, made by the investor, which is available in the system for whoever needs to take it, who has presented certain assets as collateral (which are liquidated by the broker in case of not responding to the return on time). ).

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“For example, I can place a certain amount of money in security, both in pesos and in dollars, from 1 day to 120 days. Let’s suppose that I have to pay the credit card within 8 days and I already have the money, but in order not to lose the value in that time, I place it in escrow until the expiration date, then I obtain the return, “said the specialist. .

The interest rate is variable, depending on the demand at the time, but it can fluctuate between 3.5 and 4.5% per month. “Today it is a little below the interest that the fixed term gives, but the advantage is the immediate liquidity, because the operation can be reversed at any time and it is not necessary to leave the money immobilized for 30 days”.

It is worth adding that some applications, such as virtual wallets, offer the possibility of guaranteeing part of the funds that the user credits in their account, but today the stock market, according to other specialists consulted for this report, offers better performance.

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Negotiable obligations. This is a fixed income instrument and can be of public or private origin. “In the first case, it is issued by the Treasury of the Nation, or of the province or a municipality. And in the private sphere, we enter the corporate world, which is very large. This can be operated in both pesos and dollars, which has been widely used and with very good results. There are first line companies that issue ON in which you can enter with pesos and it will pay you coupons of interest and capital in dollars. This is a very good alternative for those who want to dollarize their portfolio, indirectly”, he evaluated.

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In the San Jorge Gulf region, for example, NO emissions by oil companies are periodically reported. “We act on both sides of the counter there -said the analyst-, because We help companies and guide them in what the market is asking for. And we also provide financial advice to clients, to recommend these loans that are being sought in the market”. The yields in these cases can reach the order of 5% per month, or even in some cases, up to 10% in dollars, according to Sarsur.

-Mutual funds. It is another form of savings that can be interesting for small savers, because the minimum investment is very low, since you can enter with a minimum of 1,000 dollars converted to pesos. “It’s a very big universe to enter and they have different forms of performance. Some are adjustable for dollar linked, and others for inflation, with annualized returns that aim to outperform inflation. In some cases they are of immediate liquidity, so they are chosen according to the profile and needs of the investor”.

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Within the FCIs, Sarsur mentioned the so-called ‘money market’: “It is the most conservative fund that we can find in the industry, it has an immediate redemption, the moment you request the money, it is credited to your account at the moment. They are short term, they do not have volatility or risk”.

-Treasury bond. Another available alternative is Treasury Bills, which can be purchased at discounts below face value. For example, if a letter is initially priced at 100 pesos, it can be bought for 90, while that discount rate is reduced as the maturity date approaches (when the policyholder recovers the nominal value of the letter), which It is usually short-term, a few months. There are also letters adjustable by CER or inflation, through the IPC.

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“They are a very handy alternative, which has a secondary market where it is traded after the instrument is issued, which is the primary market. That is, you can sell and buy at any time. The advantage is the short term, because the maturities are generally monthly or bimonthly”.

-CEDARS. We have already addressed the option of these certificates, which allow you to invest in some of the main companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, being able to buy them in pesos but with returns in dollars. Logically, they entail the risk of all stock market activity and are instruments for long-term investments (if you want to review, we leave you at this link the details of the instrument). The novelty that Balanz presented in July is the incorporation of 16 new certificates in which it is possible to invest, with leading companies such as Ford, United Airlines, Roblox, Occidental Petroleum, Uber, among others, who join Mercado Libre, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil, which were already available when we covered the subject in a previous report.

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“The idea is that people come and see that the brokerage firms, as they used to be called, but are now called ALIC (Settlement and Compensation Agents), which is something very close and easy to operate. The minimum amounts required are getting smaller, the analyst indicated. The saver does not have to fear that his money will be little, we know what it costs and that the value of pesos is rapidly lost in Argentina. Today it is much easier to invest them from anywhere in the country, to preserve them and without losing liquidity when they are needed”.

Image: Freepik.
Image: Freepik.

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Sarsur recalled that to start this type of operation it is necessary to set up an account in a broker, such as Balanz, choosing between the options of a client account, to operate with assets on the Stock Exchange or a share-partist account, to subscribe to investment funds. .

“The opening of the account is 100% free and after 48 hours you can start trading. The advantage is that each client has a personalized advisor, to clear up doubts or guide them in the purchase of bills, titles or shares”, he explained.

Regarding the commission cost, he explained that it is agreed with the advisor at the time of buying or selling the instruments, while in the case of the Common Funds, the commission is accrued from the fund itself or from its performance.

Finally, the analyst left a final reflection: “We are almost nothing away from an election year and these are times to be cautious, rather than bold. It is important to take care of the pesos that we can save and if an investment has to be decided, it is advisable to be prudent and do it with the right advice”.

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