Fixed term already gone? What can I invest in today if I have $100,000 in the mattress?

Even in times of crisis, invest the savings to protect them and obtain some profit is essential in Argentina.

In a national context awaiting the definitions of the Minister of Economy Serge Massaand a calmer international environment, which seems have stabilized with slowdown in inflation in USAThey provide a scenario to search for the best investment options.

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Dollar and Cedear: investors fly to these assets and point out opportunities

Next, we select some proposals to which people who have capital equal to or greater than $100,000 to invest but do not know where to look when doing so.

1- why invest in fixed term

An option that should not be ignored at this time is in the Fixed deadlines, both its traditional version and its version GRAPE, adjusted for inflation, since the recent rise in the Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) makes them an interesting instrument for those who seek to protect savings.

As ordered by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) 10 days ago, the annual nominal interest rate was raised by 950 basis points (TNA) of the 28-day Liquidity Bills: from 60% to 69.5%.

For its part, UVA continues to have its rate of 30.5% per year in case of pre-cancellationwhile it will be adjusted above inflation if the investment is maintained during the stipulated time.

2 – Why invest in corporate bonds in dollars

One of the advantages of this option is that the bonds can be purchased in both pesos and dollars and the future flow is received in dollars.

Among the most profitable alternatives are the cedars (Argentine Deposit Certificates). The Balanz investment platform offers a pack that includes cedars of Coke (25%), P&G (23%), Exxon (29%) and Altria Group (22%), for example.

These bonds are assets that represent shares of companies listed abroad and are profitable in the face of a possible devaluation risk.

3 – why invest in CROWDFUNDING

It is a modality that allows you to buy assets in a group and then distribute the benefits it generates equitable way. The initial investment made by each member and the percentage of the total that they occupy are always respected.

One of the most used forms to realize collective financing is to do it is the investment in real estatein the well-knownbuy in well“, which can currently be done through specialized platforms and without the need to buy entire batches, instead, a small investment is made to finance the project.

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Dollar and Cedear: investors fly to these assets and point out opportunities

4 – why invest in LECER treasury bills

Treasury bills in CER-adjusted pesos they are another investment tool, in which the creditor is the National Treasury. As is the case with LEDES and other bonds that are available in the market.

It is recommended to take a position in the October LECER Treasury Bill, given its expiration prior to the end of the year.

5 – why invest in cryptocurrencies

Another recommended option for people looking for something different is crypto assets, and mainly thes cryptocurrencies.

These have the advantage of being extremely accessible now, with platforms like Binance either gravel allowing direct investment through banks or Payment Marketamong other mechanisms.

Although the cryptocurrency market they fell apart in recent months, many Argentines see them as a safe haven amid rising inflation and economic crisis.

The problem with investing cryptocurrencies is that they require constant monitoring, a study of market parameters and a much more advanced technical analysis.

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