Fixed term CALESITA already allows you to earn 110% per year: this is how it works

The high level of inflation recorded in recent months leads savers to think, as a good alternative to protect the purchasing power of their money, by placing a fixed term UVA. An analyst designed a strategy to invest in this instrument that adjusts for the prices of the economy, in which up to 110% can be earned annually.

It should be remembered that the UVA fixed terms require a minimum deposit time of 90 days, and they pay a rent similar to the inflation recorded in the 45 days prior to the constitution and the 45 days after.

Among the variants that are presented to save in this financial tool, the analyst savior di stefano propose one strategy called “carousel” or “staggered”, which consists of making 3 separate placements in different periods, to ensure that after the first 3 necessary months that must be expected to obtain profits, profits begin to be obtained with a frequency of 30 days away.

“The merry-go-round consists of placing a UVA fixed term precancelable at 90 days, and make two more constitutions: one at 120 days and the last at 150 days. Thus, when each of them expires, it is automatically renewed for 90 days, so that within 3 months the expiration of a fixed term is set after another every 30 days,” Di Stefano explains to iProfesional about this strategy.

It should be remembered that there is the possibility of canceling UVA fixed terms from 30 to 89 days of the constitution, but in that case the funds can be withdrawn with a yield of “only” 56% per year, which represents the prepayment interest rate.

In this sense, in case of withdrawing before the stipulated time of this investment, the The return obtained would be lower than that currently offered by the traditional fixed termin which in only 30 days of deposit of the money placed offers an annual interest rate of 61%.

Three UVA fixed terms can be established at different periods so that, after 3 months, there is an expiration every 30 days.

Fixed term UVA “calesita”: how to invest and earn 110% per year

The strategy to build the fixed term UVA calesita it is simple. For example, if you want to perform a total investment of $300,000, This figure should be divided as follows:

  • put together a Fixed term UVA pre-cancelable at 90 days of $100,000.
  • At the same time, another UVA fixed term is established, but in this case for a period of 120 days for $100,000.
  • Finally, a third UVA fixed term is also set up, but for a period of 150 days worth $100,000.

“Although during the first 89 days there will be no expiration, from the 90th day the first fixed term begins to expire, which, again, it is suggested to renew at 90 days”recommends Di Stefano iProfessional.

To note that a month after that, on day 120, the second fixed term expireswhich also proposes to renew at 90 days. Finally, On the 150th day of having made all the investments, the third UVA fixed term expires.that, in the same way, it is suggested to renew at 90 days. “In this way we set up a ‘carousel’, where every 30 days one of the fixed terms expires adjusted for inflationand it will provide a higher rate of inflation, if we capitalize interest,” summarizes the analyst.

How much can you earn with a fixed term “carousel”

The inflation that was registered in July, which could reach 7.6%According to private economists, it is an interesting drag “incentive” for UVA fixed terms.

Fixed Term Strategy

The “carousel” fixed-term strategy can generate an income of 110% per year, or more than 20% in three months

Above all, it becomes interesting to select said instrument because it offers a income that today is higher than traditional placementsthey are paying 5.08% every 30 days. A level that is even below the rise in prices that occurred in May (5.1%) and June (5.3%).

“I continue betting on the fixed term ´calesita´, because currently you can earn 20.38% quarterly, a percentage that, on an annualized basis, can provide an income of 110%”, highlights The Stephen iProfessional.

In this sense, Isaiah Marine, Econviews economist, supports this medium that “the worsening of the inflationary dynamic implies that the traditional fixed terms still fall short compared to expected inflation”.

It is that, according to his calculations, constituting a traditional 90-day fixed term currently implies receiving an effective rate of 15.04%.

“Then the jump of the July inflation leaves a high floor for Augustand to this are added the increases in regulated prices already scheduled, so the figure will probably close closer to 6% in the current month. Something that will benefit UVA fixed terms”, concludes Marini.

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