Flor de la V was moved to tears when talking about her children: “Never in my life did I imagine that it could happen to me”

Flor de la V was moved to tears when talking about her children (Video: Intruders)

This Thursday and in the air of intruders (America), Flor de la V was moved to tears when talking about her childrenPaul and Isabella, who turned eleven today. The driver dedicated some emotional words to her children and she also remembered the moment they came into her life.

“Whenever these dates or birthdays are approaching, but particularly on birthdays and every year that passes, I need someone to pinch me. Yesterday I went to bed very late organizing the party. And on Facebook a post appeared that I had made the day they were born and what I like about this social network is that it automatically transports you to that moment. I’m talking and my body trembles. Because everything I lived through back then was profoundly pierced by emotions. It was something that I never imagined could happen to me in my life.”, he began to say.

Then, he began to read the emotional post that he dedicated to his children on his Instagram account, but his voice broke and he could not continue. And she had to continue the announcer of the program. This is what Flor wrote: “Eleven years ago, waiting for her arrival at the clinic, I wrote this: ‘The moment came that split my life in two: a quarter to ten a nurse came in and announced to us ‘your children were born’. Thus, with the naturalness of someone announcing the arrival of a flight, it reached my ears, which at that moment were inside my chest. Then I finally broke into one of those tears in which all the emotions of life coexist. the wait was over”, says the beginning of the writing.

“The most beautiful dream was already the most beautiful reality”, said Flor de la V about the birth of her children

The most beautiful dream was already the most beautiful reality. The nurse takes us to neonatology. A few meters before entering I heard a cry that for some magical and inexplicable reason I knew was the cry of one of my children. Upon entering the room, the nurse tries to tell me something… But before she finishes the sentence I was already standing next to Isabella’s crib”, she continued with the memory of her.

“I approached her little porcelain ear and told her: ‘Don’t worry, little girl, here’s mom.’ I reached out her hands to lift her up and held her close to my chest, as if she were a part of me that I had regained. Next to her I see Paul, asleep, defenseless… Images that will remain etched in my mind (in my soul) forever. I thought through tears: ‘My life is no longer mine, I can give it, risk it, offer it, consecrate it to those other lives that will be everything to me.‘” De la V wrote.

“Yo, mama, yo, live up to that word that means so much to me. Seems like yesterday! How beautiful our life became. I wish you a very happy birthday Bella and Paul are my pride, my life, my everything. belle and paul, the love mom ”, closes the driver’s writing.

Flor de la V with her children Paul and Isabella (Photo: Instagram)
Flor de la V with her children Paul and Isabella (Photo: Instagram)

“Their arrival changed my life forever, my values, where the energy was and far exceeded expectations. I can only say that they are the best thing that happened to me in my life and I love being able to do it publicly so that tomorrow they can see the unconditional love that their mother has for them.”, Said the driver when she resumed driving, but still visibly moved by what she is experiencing.

“Nothing compares to every minute and second that I live with you. Happy birthday, children. Never, not even in her wildest dreams, would she have thought that she would have this present, she always wanted it. so dream loud“, hill.


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