Flor Peña invited her son to LPA and asked him a question about Moni Argento: her answer dislocated her

Florence Pena received in your program EPS (America) to his son Juan Otero and gave her a fun interview in which they talked about their relationship and some programs that the actress had done in her career. One of her best moments was when she asked if she looked Married with kids and the young man’s response was not what he expected.

In the classic “rapiditas” section, where the host asks her guests a ping-pong of questions, she asked Juan if he watched the repetitions of the successful cycle of Married with kids and the young man answered no. “Let’s stop a touch here,” said Florencia, while she expressed her indignant face. “No, I never saw it. Never. I’m the worst son, I already know”, Expressed the young man, who was tempted to laugh when he saw her reaction.

Florencia Peña asks her son Juan Otero if he watches the reruns of Married with Children.

“Everything good that is about to happen to you is for Married with Children in the theater,” the host clarified, and Diego Ramos redoubled the bet: “I’ll tell you one thing, that program paid for your elementary school and now it’s going to pay for your university, so start watching it”.

I know what it’s about because you’re a national meme, but I never watched an entire show.”, Juan Otero was sincere. In response, his mother became even more indignant: “I don’t know what to say about it, but draw your own conclusions at home. Speechless”.

However, that was not the only funny moment of the interview, since the young man, extroverted like his mother, was encouraged to imitate her when she danced and made everyone in the studio laugh. “She does the same to me,” said Florencia Peña.

This week, Florence Pena received as a special guest the humorist Miguel Granadosrecognized for his passage through Danger Uncoded, Latest Cartridges Y ESPN game room. At one point in the program, the host did “the quick ones”, a ping-pong of questions, and a particular anecdote came to light when the influencer paid to view content on the platform. Diva game.

While the section of the program was taking place, Migue Granados stated that he had a problem hearing and that on many occasions he had to read the lips of the other person’s mouth to understand him. The driver claimed she had the same problem and tried to read her lips, while the comedian made faces. In the first attempts, Flor Peña could not understand what the guest was saying about her; however, in the last attempt she understood perfectly: “You made me pay Divas Play and there is nothing to see “.

The unexpected round trip between Migue Granados and Flor Peña on their own in Divas Play: “You made me pay and there is nothing to see”

“Well, let’s talk about it,” the driver replied with a laugh. “Once I was calm at home and I saw a story of yours when you had not yet been censored on Instagram,” Migue Granados began the story, adding: “‘Do you want to see more?’ Yes. ‘Press the link’, I press the link… it asks me for the 16 digits of the card… and I was already there, half dumbfounded, well, I put them”. To the surprise of everyone in the studio, the humorist concluded: “And I wanted to see more of what there is. I even talked about it with my wife: Flor Peña screwed me over”.

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