Flor Torrente revealed an unusual anecdote with Dalma and Gianinna Maradona: “They locked me in a room”

The unusual anecdote of Flor Torrente with Dalma and Gianinna Maradona (Video: “PH, We can talk”, Telefe)

Being the daughter of Araceli Gonzalez, Florence Torrent She had the privilege of rubbing elbows since she was a girl with the most important figures in Argentina. In this sense, she had a childhood full of anecdotes, many of which are unknown due to her low profile. However, this Saturday the actress was invited to PH, can we talk (phone), where he was encouraged to reveal an unusual situation that he experienced with dalma Y gianina maradonawhile his mother and Adrian Suar -who at that time were a couple -they shared a dinner together with nothing more and nothing less than Diego Maradona Y Claudia Villafane.

“Mom was doing Elder brother At that time, and we had gone to Diego’s house: Adrián, my mother, I, we were all, “he began by recounting. And he continued: “We were playing with his daughters at Barbies in the room, and Suddenly they locked me up because they wanted to be with my mom, but I didn’t want to be there. Then suddenly I was locked in. We were little, we were 5, 6 years old”. The story generated astonishment among the guests of the program, who could not believe the reason for the mischief of the Maradona sisters.

“It’s a good story, because generally in stories with Diego, you always do whatever it takes to be with him, but in this case they wanted to be with your mother,” he observed. andy kusnetzoffrealizing the overwhelming success that Araceli enjoyed at that time on television.

Flor Torrente shared part of her childhood with Dalma and Gianinna Maradona

Meanwhile, the designer also told another amusing anecdote, but this time it involved Moriah Casan. “I was very young, two or three years old, and my mother was doing a season in Mar del Plata with The Goden Rocket GangI mean, it was a quilombo, and Moria was also doing a season, and a lot of other works”, he contextualized. “And I made friends with everyone, always, from a very young age. Then at one point my mom saw me and two seconds later I was no longer on the beach, ”she continued. And she closed: “Everyone started to go crazy, running everywhere, Moria ran in mesh all over the beach, she was also Ricardo Darin….and suddenly I appeared because I had just bought a Coke with an assistant from the work. And they running everywhere, my mother, Adrián, the entire production, and I was chatting.

In December, Florencia had been in the news after highlighting her brother’s courage Toto, that some time ago he recounted a situation of abuse that he suffered when he was 7 years old. “Very brave, absolutely”, she had expressed in I must sayand explained how he had experienced the situation. “One questions many things and the first thing that comes is guilt. How did I not notice? More loved, more cared for, more protected…,; They are those that one understands that the focus is not one, ”the actress had analyzed.

Torrente had also been the first direct relative who had expressed himself on networks after his brother’s story. “You were always a special child, From the moment I met you You went down in that elevator with that little blue cloth hat and eyes that said many things from the immensity of silence. I was 10 years old, and I remember that look penetrated me ”, he had evoked.


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