Flor Torrente revealed the unusual reason why Dalma and Gianinna Maradona locked her in a room

Florence Torrent He keeps thousands of anecdotes from his childhood. And it is that his mother, the renowned actress Araceli GonzálezHe took her on trips to the places where he filmed and the little girl rubbed shoulders with other famous artists in Argentina. Among them, the number 10 of the Argentine team, with whose daughters she shared a peculiar anecdote.

In the program We can talk (PH) of Telefe, all attendees revealed an anecdote that they shared with Diego Armando Maradona. Torrente, in this case, referred to his daughters, Dalma and Gianinnawith whom he had some encounters in his childhood.

Flor Torrente revealed an anecdote with Dalma and Gianinna Maradona: “They locked me in a room.”

“My mom, at that time, was doing Elder brother [telenovela de 1994]. We were Adrian [Suar, pareja de González entre 1997 y 2002]Mom and I to Diego’s house for dinner or lunch. We were playing Barbies with their daughters and, suddenly, they locked me in the room”, Said the actress, referring to Dana and Gianinna Maradona.

But what most amazed those attending the program was not the fact of locking the little girl, who was between 5 and 6 years old at the time, but the reasons that led the sisters to lock Flor in the room. “They wanted to be with my mom without me being there. and they left me locked up,” he said.

At that time, the host of the program, andy kusnetzoffHe said: “Normally, people around Diego wanted to be with him.” And Araceli’s daughter expressed: “But in this case they wanted to be with my mom”.

The actor Thomas Fonz It was another of those attending the program, who also told an anecdote with the footballer. “It was an attempt to help. It was summer of ’98 I fell into a bowling alleythere by the Arches, under a train. Y on a table, Guillote [Coppola] and Diego [Maradona]. Guillote tells me: ‘Boy, you’, and he sat me down between him and Diego. A lot of sweat, I was 5 minutes. no one ever spoke to me”, he recounted.

The model and actress also highlighted an anecdote with several celebrities, in which she appeared Moriah Casan. “I was very young, two or three years old. My mom spent time in Mar del Platafraud The Golden Rocket Gang“, started. Suar, Diego Torres, Hugo Arana, Fabián Vena and Gloria Carrá, among others, participated in the series, which was broadcast in 1991 in Argentina and recounted the reunion between three cousins ​​when they received a car as an inheritance from their grandfather. González was among the leading cast and gave life to Pato.

died [Casán] I was also in seasonthere was a lot of construction. And I always made friends with everyone, from a very young age. My mom saw me and a second later I was no longer on the beach”, he continued.

Araceli González gave life to Pato in ‘The Golden Rocket Band’.video capture

It was then that panic spread between Araceli and the rest of the actors present. “They all went crazy, looking for me all over the beach. Moria ran in mail across the sand. Ricardo Darin was also. Everyone was yelling because I wasn’t there. And suddenly I appeared. It turned out that I went to buy a coke with a construction assistant. Everyone was running and I was chatting, ”she said with a laugh.

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