Florencia de la V faced Martín Salwe live for his controversial tweets: “You always seemed like a heavy, but charming guy”

Martín Salwe apologized to Flor de la V

Martin Salwe reappeared in the media after the final of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece). After four months, the vibrant finale was held, which had already started last Thursday, between the announcer and Alex Caniggia. This Monday night, the son of mariana nannis He was the one who ended up consecrating champion and obtained 10 million pesos.

“I am very happy, I am very happy. So many days, weeks, months having a good time, bad, with sweat, blood, rancor… It was a unique experience, incomparable, that will always remain in my heart. This reality show changed my life, I am another person. It is the first reality show that I have won, finally, the p… mother!”declared the brand new winner, in the middle of a euphoric celebration.

This Tuesday, in intruders (America), the driver V flower He took advantage of an interview with the announcer to refer to some old messages that he had written against him through Twitter a few years ago, long before he gained popularity on the reality show. “I am not going to fake dementia since I have you on my mobile. You sent me a message apologizing for the tweets you wrote so many years ago. I want to tell you what happened to me with those posts that I ignored … ”, said the driver.

“You always seemed like a heavy guy to me, but charming, loving, funny, cool. Although we were not friends, we had a good relationship. When I see those messages, after what happened with Leo García, I was surprised that you never told me about those posts. I understand that there are people who do not grow up in diversity and that there are families who do not show them that there may be a different world where we can all live with different people, “said the host.

“It seemed to me that it would have been wise to have told me: ‘Look, you know that many years ago I was an asshole and I posted some tweets and Now that I know you the truth, I apologize.’ It’s what I felt, and also the issue of age, I don’t justify it, because my children will be 11 years old in a month and they would be incapable of writing similar things. Those things we have to transform, society is changing“, he claimed.

After these harsh words, Martín replied: “Look Flor, you know that I love you very much and I respect you, what hurt me the most about all this is seeing your anger. It was the most that bothered him. I didn’t tell you anything at the time because honestly I didn’t even know those tweets were there, I didn’t remember, they were from a long time ago. From that moment, there must be a lot of things insulting many things and many people from unconsciousness and immaturity”.

Finally, the announcer returned to apologize publicly: “If I had remembered those tweets I would have told you, but hey, when all that came up and they started to refloat and went viral again I said ‘look what he said’. Flor, I don’t have much to tell you because what I said, I told you in the message, was from the heart, and I wanted to apologize. I agree with you that age does not justify but it does clarify that at that age I was not aware of all this.


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