Florencia Peña published hot photos on Instagram and they closed her account: her furious discharge

The actress Florence Pena was outraged after for the second time, Instagram closed his account. The social network had received complaints from some users for the driver’s publication of risque photos.

in your program The Pu*@ MistressPeña spoke angrily of the situation that she defined as censorship. “I got suspended from Instagram again. I’m not amused, ”she launched.

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What are the photos for which Instagram closed Florencia Peña’s account for the second time

When trying to enter the Instagram account, there is a caption that says: “Sorry, this page is not available. The link you followed may be broken or the page may have been removed.”

Peña’s profile was taken down from the web because of two photos that were denounced: in one she is naked, covered with a sheet and a part of the tattoo can be seen on the side of her body; in the other she appears from the front, in a shower, covering her breasts.

On Twitter, Florencia Peña shared the photos for which Instagram suspended her account. (Photo: Instagram/@Flor_de_P)

“There is every account with every photo that I would not think of denouncing. Report what? What is the deconstruction of what we talk about so much, because I really don’t understand ”, she launched, enraged.

Then he suggested that from Instagram there are those who create accounts fake to unsubscribe other profiles. “If you don’t like my face, they denounce you and, as they have algorithms, they raise your bill”, he warned.

In his Twitter account, in addition, he was also confused with the situation he experienced. “Second time in 2 and a half months. How weird to be the only verified account with 6M followers on Instagram to get their account taken down! I do not upload photos that are very different from those that others upload; because with me? who cares so much? How much vital energy do I take them? CAN THEY???” she tweeted.

One of the tweets published by Florencia Peña, outraged by the suspension of her Instagram account.  (Photo: Instagram/@Flor_de_P)
One of the tweets published by Florencia Peña, outraged by the suspension of her Instagram account. (Photo: Instagram/@Flor_de_P)

In addition, he shared the images of the discord. “Because of these two photos they closed my Instagram account again, really?” He wrote, along with the snapshots he shared, both on Twitter and on his television show.

At the end of May, Peña had had a similar problem. After posting some suggestive images, someone reported her and, when he wanted to enter his profile, he found with a notice of suspension for the content of their posts.

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“Due to inconvenience, they suspended me! Shall I tell you one thing? If I had incited to kill baby puppies, they would not close my account. Why the ass bothers more than being a nazi in this country, guys. Really”, she expressed annoyed, at that time, on her TV show. America.

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