Florencia Peña recalled the reaction of a man who googled her in immigration: “He began to be horrified”

Florence Pena was invited to the floor of PH, we can talk (phone) where he was surprised to remember the reaction of an immigration employee who googled her after her intimate video was leaked.

“Those who have experienced tense situations at an airport, come forward to the meeting point,” said Andy Kusnetzoff. Seeing that the actress did not step in front of her, she mischievously added: “Those who experienced something in an airport.” “You want it to happen”, she laughed, she agreed.

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In her turn, she recalled that when her intimate video was leaked, she decided to go on a trip. “Entering Los Angeles, I was grabbed by a Puerto Rican and he asked me my name, where I was from and what I did, “he explained.

Then she related that when she told him that she was an actress, he asked her to google her: “Those things that happen only to me. But I told him yes. I was standing and I didn’t see what he saw, but I swear on my life that he began to be horrified”.

Then, he remarked: “I don’t know if he saw the video, the video links, the amount of news that only referred to my porn video, but he looked at the screen and at me… And he asked me ‘but are you an actress of what?’”.

True to her style, the artist explained that she was an actress but that she had had a problem: “At one point I saw myself explaining to a Puerto Rican and I said ‘no, quilombos. Things that happen’”.

Florencia Peña burst into tears live: “I’m defending myself all the time”

Watch the video of the moment when Flor Peña starts crying live. (Photo: Instagram / soyflorpe)

After his Instagram account was closed, florence Grief denounced an operation from the United States. In the midst of the controversy generated by her statements, she insisted that there is a campaign against her and assured that they are trying to “discipline” her.

The driver spoke this Tuesday with America news (America) and broke down when he listed the adversities he faced in recent years. I’m all the time defending myself. It’s hard too. I really am a strong woman, but there are times when I say ‘the situation is unfair’. What am I defending myself from if there is nothing wrong that I am doing? ”, He reflected with a broken voice.

Florencia Peña recalled the reaction of a man who googled her in US immigration:

He then stated that his intention was always to inspire other women to feel strong. “What I want is for them to let me be. It’s as if I have to explain myself all the time as to why I am who I am.”, he expressed through tears.

On the air of the cycle, he recalled the intimate recording that went viral years ago and maintained: “For me it was very strong and that too It was an operation, it was not a simple leak of a video… They divided it into three parts and they wanted to hurt me.”

And he added: “Obviously despite the things they do to me, I always get back on my feet and feel empowered again, but I feel like they try to go places I don’t deserve.” “I don’t want to be disciplined anymore. The more they try to discipline me, the more I want to go out and be me.”, he concluded.

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