Florencia Peña returned to Instagram recharged: through a new account she pointed hard at the social network

Flor Peña opened her new Instagram account

The original account of Florence Pena on Instagram (Flor_de_P) was suspended again in recent days after several complaints by users for the high-voltage content that she usually publishes. After different claims on the air in his television program The Pu*@ Mistress (America), the actress and host could not recover that account anymore and this Monday she made the decision to create a new profile.

In front of the screen and in an extensive video, from his new account (SoyFlorPe), Peña spoke to his followers to give them the initial greeting, but without leaving aside his annoyance against Instagram. “Hello, if they are on the other side it is because they are already following me or because they are curious and curious or because they are waiting to report me. Either way, welcome and welcome to my new Instagram. As you may know almost a month ago, my account was closed. It seems that definitely and no one understands why, I do not understand why, the people who ask me do not understand why and the truth is that there is no answer, “the actress began.

“Supposedly it is because of some sexy photo or a couple of sexy photos that violate coexistence in this beautiful community that is Instagram.but that is not true because those same photos for which my account was supposedly lifted are held by my fans’ accounts within Instagram, that is, mine in my account violate the relationship with the community, but my fans’ accounts do not violate it Florence continued.

“As you know almost a month ago, they closed my account. It seems that definitely and nobody understands why,” said the actress

Then, he made a comparison with other user profiles that also publish nude photos daily, as Jennifer Lopez did a few days ago. “Just one day after my account was closed, JLO appeared with an impeccable nude because she is impeccable and she is a beautiful woman who deserves to show everything she wants and everyone praised her beautiful nude on Instagram And I don’t even want to tell you the number of quasi-pornographic photos, not to say pornographic, that are on Instagram,” he said.

In this framework, Peña differed from the rest of the publications and revealed how he found out that his original account was not going to return to his power: “My sexy photos that are almost child photos at this point are the ones that bother me, they are the ones that violate my relationship with the community within Instagram. There is no answer to my question. Instagram never answered me why it closed the account, but through a friend of a friend of a friend, because we never know where to go, They told me that the United States had made the decision not to return it to me.”

“6 million followers had my account, 8 years of communication with the outside, direct communication: since the birth of my last child, my travels and all my public life and some of my private things posted on that Instagrammy verified account, my life log… all my shared experiences, all of them were left in there today and no one gives me an answer as to why they don’t return it to me and why I can’t continue to have my @Flor_de_p”, described the host of the nights of America a little angry about the content that it will not be able to recover and that was lost in space.

"They told me that the United States had made the decision not to return it to me,
“They told me that the United States had made the decision not to return it to me,” Florence said through a video she posted on her new Instagram account.

However, he was again happy for this new stage that begins today in the relationship with his followers. “I propose a new beginning because I already proposed it to myself. Here I am again, we are going to have fun, I promise you that there will be a lot of humor, surely some other sexy photo because this is me.

“I am a free woman and I bank it, I found her a thousand banks and I hope that this is an inspiration so that many of the fucking mistresses of their lives always feel that way. I feel like the fucking mistress of mine. From now on @Soyflorpe Recargada”, concluded Florencia Peña while the song played in the background. Start over by Alexander Lerner. In a few minutesHis new account had added more than 15,000 followers and his first publication had achieved more than 4,000 likes.


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