Florencia Peña revealed an unusual problem she had at an airport in the midst of the scandal of her intimate video

Florencia Peña was one of the five celebrities who were invited to the Saturday broadcast of ph can we talkthe cycle led by Andy Kusnetzoff on the Telefe screen. In one of the questions he came forward and recalled a particular problem he had at an airport in the United States, in the midst of the scandal over the leak of his intimate video, and they asked her a question that left her completely bewildered.

The program started with the usual meeting point, where the host invites those who have experienced certain situations to come forward. One of the slogans was “Those who had moments of tension at the airport”. Florencia Peña was one of those who took a step forward and revealed a particular situation that she had in the North American migration sector at the same time that her intimate video was leakedin which she was seen having sexual relations with her ex-husband Mariano Otero.

The actress recounted the uncomfortable situation she experienced at the airport in the midst of the controversy (Photo: Video capture)

During the program, the actress said that as soon as her video was leaked, she made the decision to get on a plane to the United States and get away from the scandal a bit. However, despite the distance, could not escape the problem. When he set foot in Los Angeles and arrived at the immigration sector, he experienced an uncomfortable moment.

“A Puerto Rican grabs me, asks me what my name was and what I was doing. I tell her ‘I’m an actress’. She tells me ‘from where? Oh, from Argentina”, began the driver of the whore loves (America). But, after listening to her, the man asked her something that completely confused her. “Can I Google you?”he asked. She answered yes. But that’s where the problems started.

Florencia Peña recounted the uncomfortable moment she lived in the United States

Although he explained that she could not know what he saw on the screen, he was quick to speculate about the content. “He puts on ‘Florencia Peña’ and begins to be horrified”emphasized the protagonist of Married with kids. “I don’t know if he saw the video, the links, the amount of news that only referred to my porn video…. He looked, he looked at me…” Peña recalled. Likewise, she told what was the forceful question that the immigration man asked her after looking for her on the web. “But, What actress are you?“, He wanted to know.

“I’m an actress. I had a problem”was the response that Peña gave him. In turn, he said that while he was explaining to him, he thought to himself “why does he google me?” The driver and the rest of the guests, Gustavo “Chucho” Parisi, Letica Siciliani, Diego Poggi and Álvaro NaviaThey listened to her attentively, and they couldn’t hide their astonishment when they learned of the situation.

The leak of the video in question occurred more than 10 years ago. there it appeared Florencia Peña having sex with her then-husband, Mariano Oterowho is also the father of two of his children. The content was published on the internet and generated great repercussion. On several occasions she referred to the subject and recalled the anguish that the situation caused her. “Mine was not a ‘revenge porn’, it was a hack and I felt absolutely accused, denigrated as a woman and I felt that I had to apologize for having done that in my privacy”, he maintained last year while hosting his program team flower (Telephone).

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