Florencia Peña revealed the joke that Marley made on David Bisbal: “I was seriously angry”

The unusual anecdote of Florencia Peña with Marley and David Bisbal (Video: “PH, We can talk”, Telefe)

Florence Pena Y Marley They make up, without a doubt, one of the funniest duos on television. And, although they currently do not share a program together, they continue to have a close friendship and several anecdotes in common. One of the most unusual was told in the last few hours by the driver of LPA (America), who surprised by revealing the time he had a strong fight with the host of The Argentine Voice for nothing more or nothing less than David Bisbal.

“Those who experienced hilarious situations with other celebrities”, was the slogan he proposed andy kusnetzoff in PH, we can talk (phone), and that gave rise to her telling her story. “When we did the afternoon showHe made me believe that he spoke with Bisbal and that he wanted to meet me, so he was going to give me his room number. But I told her that it was a lot, that we should talk before… ”, she began expressing herself. At that moment, the driver intervened: “But were you married?” “You saw how I am…”, replied Flor ironically, which aroused laughter from everyone in the studio. And she, immediately afterwards, she clarified: “Don’t put your finger on the problem. Those were hard times… I didn’t want to be a mother, we didn’t look for him (her firstborn Thomas), I just met him (his ex, Mariano Otero) and at two months, pregnant. The situation was strange, it was in the doldrums. My son knows, I told him.”

Then, he revealed the joke that Marley played on him: “To lift my spirits, he tells me that David Bisbal wanted to enter meIt’s not that he wanted to be a boyfriend with me. And I believed him again, and you don’t know how happy I was throughout the program, because he saw that I was half wilted and said ´this movie… the program brings me down´. So, he told me that and I hit an adrenaline rush that you don’t know what it was…funny, everything”. And he told how the anecdote ended: “Before finishing the program on the air, he tells me: ´David Bisbal is all a lie´. I got seriously angry, I told him that he was playing with my need ”.

Marley made Florencia Peña believe that David Bisbal wanted to meet her

The truth is that, some time later, Peña said that a similar situation happened to him, but with a different ending. “He did the same thing to me. Cristian castro. But that was true and I didn’t believe him. (Marley). He told me that he wanted to enter me and I told him: ‘No, not me’. And he calls me, I told him: ´Yes, yes, Cristian Castro´. And I cut him off. So I tell Marley: ‘I kept fucking you’. And he told me: ´No, bol…, this is true´ ”. “So I missed it, but Cristian would not have entered it,” he concluded.

Days ago, the ex-protagonist of Married with kids He had made the news after giving an in-depth interview in which he referred to the criticism he receives on social networks. “I am defending myself all the time. It’s hard too. I really am a strong woman, but there are times when I say it is unfair to say what I am defending myself from if there is nothing wrong that I am doing, “she said in dialogue with William Andean Y Maria Belen Luduena in America news.

“I try to inspire other women to feel strong, but the truth is that when these things happen (they closed her account Instagram) There are many women who tell me ‘if it happens to you, how can it not happen to me’”, she continued with a broken voice. “What is the problem? That I show myself in a bikini? I am a mine who always tried to bring joy, inspiration. You can not take it, feel like I have nothing to give you, I kept going. If there is nothing good that you can get from what I have to give, there is no problem, ”she had assured.


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