For the third time, they operate on Fede Bal’s arm: Carmen Barbieri gave details of the intervention

Fede Bal will have to undergo another operation on his arm

At the end of April, Federico Bal had an accident in Brazil while filming some scenes for the new season of Rest of the worldthe cycle that is broadcast on Saturdays at midnight on the TV screen The thirteen. The son of Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal suffered a heavy fall while practicing paragliding. Due, He suffered an open fracture in his arm and multiple injuries.

Quickly, the young man underwent surgery twice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to improve the mobility of his arm. This Friday, he plans a third operation on his arm, at a clinic in Buenos Aires, as announced by Carmen on her program very morning (Magazine City): “He didn’t want me to tell. It is the third operation on his arm, it is not that they operated badly, but it seems that they have to change a little iron that they put inside the spinal cord ”.

Fede Bal uploaded this photo on Instagram before the operation

“The doctors first did one operation and then another. When he left the clinic there was no talk of a third operation, but we had to wait to see if they welded, “added the capocómica. the panelist Estefi Berardi He also spoke with the media and gave some details about the intervention: “Fede explained to me that the radius and the ulna broke, and one of those is not welding with that iron they put on it. So, they have to take it out and replace it with some nails and other things.”

In addition, Barbieri was very confident in the doctors who treat her son: “It will be great. He even he is going to be able to do gymnastics and train again ”. Later, she explained that he must comply with 20 days of recovery and rest. As soon as he is discharged, he will travel again: “That’s why he was working so hard, to record programs for Rest of the worldand then he travels back to the United States, to Boston…”.

On his Instagram account, Federico took a selfie from the clinic, before entering the operating room. At all times, he is accompanied by his partner, Sophia Aldrey. “I know everything is going to be fine and I don’t want him to suffer, but he takes the bench and he’s not down or anything like that,” Carmen added. “What hurt him the most was leaving boxing, because I don’t know if he’s going to be able to keep hitting. But I think everything will return to normal. He is fine, in good hands,” she concluded.

Finally, he recalled that she must also have surgery on her hand this Saturday. In her program she had told details of her health problem: “I have synovitis, it started to get hard. It’s a liquid that comes together and is made like a nut.” After visiting his doctor, he gave details of what happened: “Before operating, they put a needle in me with the ultrasound machine and they couldn’t get fluid out. At the moment, I have a mitten and I am bandaged. It’s nothing bloody, but blood still comes out.” Finally, the doctor told her that yes or yes she had to go through the operating room.


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