From Alicia Silverstone to Mark Hamill, stars who fell from the Hollywood firmament as soon as the first impact went out

In the world of music there is the term one hit wonder in reference to those bands that are known for having achieved only one success in their careers. And in the cinema there may be some similar cases, of actors or actresses who promised to have an auspicious career ahead of them, but who could not overcome the fame achieved thanks to one or, in the best of cases, two feature films. Here we review some examples of stars that went extinct too fast, in the hollywood firmament.

This may be the paradigm One hit wonder film. A very young actress, at the head of a film that became her emblem and whose popularity, instead of boosting her, ended up anchoring her. In 1973, The Exorcist of William Friedkin came to the halls of the world to revolutionize terror. This terrible story of possession is still an undisputed classic today and the complex staging of its director broke down the usual prejudices that were (and are) against this genre, demonstrating that horror is also the cradle of masterpieces.

Linda Blair in The ExorcistSilver Screen Collection – Moviepix

When the film was released, the praise directed towards the young woman was unanimous and the critics highlighted the darkness that had impregnated her performance, even though it was very small. Everything indicated that Linda’s future was prosperous, but that did not happen. Her performance in this work was so disturbing that the producers considered that the public would not be able to separate Blair from that girl possessed by the devil, and although her talent was undeniable, no studio offered her other important titles. . In this way, she began a career in the world of class B cinema, far from the big productions, and without ever detaching herself from that film for which she is still remembered today. The Exorcist is on HBO Max.

In the year 1999, american foot it was presented as a student comedy that had many young stars without much experience. The piece was a box office success and everything indicated that the film could be a nest of new faces. From the cast there were five names that aspired to position themselves in places of relevance in Hollywood. Chris Klein (who came from working in the huge Choice) was most famous for his courtship with Katie Holmes than for his subsequent films (notable flops like Here in the earth either Tell me it is not true). Shannon Elizabeth She was also emerging as a high-flying actress, but her later films found her in very minor characters.. jason biggs Y Mena Suvari they did achieve some roles of relative fame, although in a short time both ended up confined to low-budget productions.

Mena Suvari
Mena SuvariGrosby Group

Finally, old william scottthe remembered Stifler, was perhaps the one who best sustained a relative popularity, thanks to films that had a solid group of fans, such as Dude, where’s my car?, Southland tales, old school and the great Role models. But in this 2022, from the hotbed that could be american foot there is nothing left and none of its young stars knew how to continue a relevant path in the industry. american foot is available on Apple TV.

In the mid nineties, Alice Silverstone he seemed to have Hollywood in his hand. The blonde actress, who gained popularity for the trilogy of videos that she starred in for Aerosmith, managed to be the center of attention and, therefore, of several film projects. And after two small movies, in 1995 she starred in I have an ideaa brilliant adolescent comedy, oiled in its dialogues and in which Silverstone showed charming versatility. I have an idea It was an excellent springboard.

Alicia Silverstone in one of the images taken for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, in 1995
Alicia Silverstone in one of the images taken for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, in 1995

With the success of that title came succulent proposals. When choosing, Silverstone opted to compose Batgirl in batman and robin. But nothing went as expected. The notorious failure in which that feature film became claimed among many of its collateral victims to this young promise. And just as her fame came, she soon left and in Hollywood that name that was so appealing suddenly seemed like a dirty word. Silverstone could never beat I have an idea and, to this day, although she continues to work, it is increasingly difficult to cross it in some fiction. batman and robin is available on HBO Max.

When choosing your actors, George Lucas You may have eclectic… tastes. The father of Star Wars is responsible for some memorable discoveries (!Harrison Ford!), as well as other missteps. In 1977, the director chose mark hamill as Luke Skywalker, main hero of the saga. The popularity of the feature film suggested that Hamill would have an auspicious career ahead of him in Hollywood. And although in 1980 he starred the big red (a must-see war piece, directed by samuel fuller), this actor did not know how to give cause to his projects in the industry, being Skywalker his One hit wonder. Over the years, Hamill became a cult personality, not only because of his role in Star Wars but also for his always friendly treatment with the fans of the saga and for his enormous work in the voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Undoubtedly, Hamill is one of the most beloved names by the public, something that unfairly did not go hand in hand with a large repertoire of characters in the cinema.

In the late 1990s, Lucas launched a trilogy of prequels to his franchise. With the intention of telling the past of Darth Vader, he began his story with the childhood of the mythical villain, and to play him he chose a small actor named jake lloyd. The boy of just under ten years starred Episode I: The Phantom Menacea role that, although it could mean the beginning of a prosperous career, ended up sinking him into a bitter experience.

Hayden Christensen
Hayden ChristensenTiff Press – Archive

The title was poorly received by critics, but worse still, Lloyd became an unwitting emblem of everything that had gone wrong with that project. The exhausting hustle and bustle of promoting that film and the teasing of his classmates as a result of his performance made Lloyd retire from acting, just two years after the premiere of Star Wars. The little boy had a very strong crisis, which led him to distance himself from that world and in his adulthood he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. For his part, Hayden Christensenteenage darth vader Episode II Y Episode IIIHe also did not know how to make a place for himself in Hollywood. Caught in the shadow of that villain, Christensen was part of some independent projects that went completely unnoticed. After that, Hayden went to live in the country and garnered a very low-key image. In this 2022, this actor received the affection of the fans of the saga, when he resumed his role as Vader in the miniseries Obi Wan Kenobi. The complete saga of Star Wars is on Disney+.

Sometime, kate bosworth she was an actress who threatened to become fashionable. Her outstanding presence in titles such as Wild Waves either The rules of attraction They placed her among the young promises of her generation. She just needed a great character to rise to the top of stardom. And in 2005 that possibility seemed to materialize through superman returnsin which she played neither more nor less than Lois Lane. But once again, nothing went as it should.

kate bosworth
kate bosworth

That film was not the platform that Bosworth perhaps expected and both the film and his career gradually lost prominence in theaters. the flame of superman returns didn’t last long and Kate (along with her co-star, brandon ruth) remained in the air, waiting for a fame that would never come. To this day, the actress continues to work, but her great roles are part of a past life. superman returns It’s on HBO Max.

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