from “there is no crisis” to “I will be here until the last day of my contract”

“I am surprised by a certain expectation that was generated. It is a simple conference. I did not speak in the last games and it was appropriate to do so. If someone came with another expectation or desire to look for something else, I must warn you that they will leave disappointed…”.

From the outset, anticipating the gale of questions, Marcelo Gallardo marked the field. After leaving some phrases in passing after the victory for the Argentine Cup against Barracas Central and the silence in the last three games of the local tournament against Huracán, Godoy Cruz and Vélez, the DT of River He put his chest to the adverse present in soccer and went to the bone: “There is no crisis and they are not going to find it.”


“I am surprised by a certain expectation that was generated. It is a simple conference. I did not speak in the last games and it was appropriate to speak. If someone came with another expectation or desire to look for something else, I must warn them that they will leave disappointed.”

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“We are at a time when after many years, many changes and various situations that existed in terms of building the campus, teams, looking for performance and expectations that we set ourselves at the end of the year for the competitions, one of the objectives of the semester we did not fulfill it, but we are far from thinking that everything is finished and that they begin to speculate with other things and that false comments are generated with extra-football things and proposals. There is no crisis and they will not find it.”

“The fan does not get confused, he does not get carried away by certain things that sometimes they want to destabilize, internally or externally. There is no crisis, there is no possibility. Our permanence and what was built is stronger and does not depend on one or two bad results. From the shortcomings that we recognize in the assembly, functionality and poor results, we reposition ourselves to take a breath and to start over in accordance with the search for the best possible operation. In that I am thinking of conforming with all the changes the best possible”.

“If that doesn’t happen, my role as a coach is to prepare the best possible team, with conviction. In success, when you win, it’s easy to convince. The coach accompanies processes and also in bad processes. Something more solid was built here, That is why there is no destabilization. I am very sorry to those who expect there to be a crisis. They are not going to confuse the fans. They are very obvious… I am convinced in bad times where to go. That is the signal that I want to transmit to you and the fans. And if we don’t fight for the championship, I’ll leave the best possible team for when it starts again to have something solid”.

“That is the function of DT, to accompany the process of instability when a player is not in his best form, giving him continuity or leaving, taking him out of the exposure level. I am responsible for accompanying those processes. I am responsible for the good and bad. That It is the role of the DT. One as a DT has to teach all the time, beyond the immediate result. River demands a lot and right away. Not everyone is prepared to be demanded right away and immediately. They know that River doesn’t expect too much from you either. In normal times, giving them solidity and support is my role. Obviously, we have to go out and compete. And always win. In bad times, the DT is also responsible.”

“We have always had forms that have identified us. The question is to understand what we are for. Sometimes we can do it, others not. There are moments that have taken their toll on us. They were not all bad moments this year, but we have not been regular in the search and sustaining ourselves in the good passages. We had a good first half in the Cup and we didn’t sustain it in the round of 16, especially in the first game with Vélez”.

“In that search I have to see the moments, perhaps from the physical, from the mental. In football we could not unite the three things that give us that continuity, but the messages have not changed. When it cannot be sustained, you change by physical decline, due to inconveniences… We started the semester with national team players traveling everywhere, Japan, the Middle East. We couldn’t start with players who have arrived and we had to get them back. They haven’t been in good physical shape”.

“The year and the compressed calendar put us all in the same bag without rest, without preparation according to how we want to play. We had to resort to playing without much preparation. It is not an excuse, it is what happens, it is real. In Europe they have I had vacations, normal spaces. Not here. I don’t even want to explain what may sound like an excuse, it’s far from it. We keep trying to compete and that those who arrive get along”.

“When we talk about forming teams, it takes time. It doesn’t happen to me, it happens to the 27 coaches of the other teams. What happens is that for many coaches there is no time. Even those who have won are given little time. That is why my permanence has been achieved over time, with a strong structure that has been sustained over the years. That’s because we won. If I had had to lose right away, I don’t know. There was a strong conviction, conviction is achieved when you win.”

When it is lost, for many what was good yesterday is no longer good. For this reason, my message goes beyond the good and not so good moments, because it is true that we have lost much more than what we won, but what has been achieved has been very strong. This is simply a reflection that I do, not only with respect to myself, but to all the coaches who are observed and are the first fuses”.

“My form hasn’t changed. That’s why I talk about permanence. We haven’t really changed. You may think you’ve changed because we lost. Teams have ups and downs. All teams have ups and downs. River had an up and down after the champion team. The number of goals that Julián scored in that tournament, he later scored fewer. It doesn’t mean that we depend on just one player.”

“A good semester can be had by anyone. I don’t know if it’s easy to maintain with conviction. In that eight-year process, there were good and bad moments. Normal in football. There are always failures. When the team fails, I have no problem in saying that he is playing badly and, therefore, I am responsible. The first responsibility is mine. I have no problems”.

La Molina? Aliendro’s expulsion, if they see it, doesn’t affect it. You cannot make a mistake therefore, you are looking at the play. There is a move, but the player does not step on it as he thought. The error is tremendous. Although I overdid it, it wasn’t even an insult. I do regret it because today they focus on you from all sides. I regret if I had said something bad. Who in this room didn’t say something like that. When they make such a bad mistake, they take you out. I am temperamental. I do not sit and show something else, in my life I am like that. And I also have these answers, these situations that I’m not proud of. They define me as I am and I make mistakes like everyone else.”

The adaptation of the reinforcements. “I am not going to give details. I lead a soccer team and within that squad are the players who arrived. I am not going to charm anyone. I am accompanying processes that are normal within the life of soccer. There are players who arrive and adapt Others who find it hard Others who don’t feel or aren’t sure and then end up being important Things we’ve experienced over the years.

“Players questioned during my first year, ended up being figures. At the end of each season I have to make a global analysis according to individual and collective performance, which will determine if we did things right or wrong. We are halfway there We’ve been discontinuous, irregular, but there’s nothing between now and the end of the year. I’ve always talked about adaptation. I love the players who arrive, put on their shirts and play. More at this club, although they’re fewer”.

“It has cost a lot of players. I am not going to talk about those who are not. It has cost Enzo Pérez, the maximum reference, to play. Ask him. It has cost him. A player who had played in Europe and World Cups. You have to accompany him. Sometimes they don’t give the times”.

I said internal when they want to make believe that something comes from inside, but it doesn’t come from inside. That is what I meant. I don’t get into rumours, I don’t waste time, I don’t justify my wasting time. Truly believe me there is no question. To get out you have to keep demanding and accept being demanded. On that we all agree. Can you imagine if the Maidana, Pinola, Enzo and Casco did not accept being demanded? They wouldn’t be here. They would be looking for other comforts, where they are more relaxed. If they became part of history, it is thanks to the fact that they have had the will to be required to arrive. They recognize it as a merit, not as a deficit.”

I see the team divided into lines. We had defensive lines that were a consequence of a team structure. Not even when the team lacks or they score goals, I see that we are failing in a sector. We failed as a team. It’s not just the forwards. And when we fail defensively, it’s not from the defenders. I see offensive and defensive shortcomings. It is my way of observing. We can discuss other things. Let’s go to the individualities, name by name. But I do not like. I must be aware. I have to work with what I have, which is good. Beyond the shortcomings, we can be better. We have to work hard to be better.”

“I found some good feelings in the Copa Argentina match and also the first part with Vélez. It’s not all darkness. We couldn’t sustain it in the ST, in the last 25 minutes. Good football attitudes to believe that we can continue feeding on that. I told the players that the second half wasn’t good, that we couldn’t hold on, but rescue the first half, that that will allow us to hold on”.

Matias Suarez: “It has been a very big loss for the team. Since he arrived, he has been in tune with the team and the fans felt reflected. His injuries have not given him continuity. He makes efforts to be well. We have accompanied him medically, but We know he’s a player who has given us a lot and today we don’t have him due to injuries.

His future as DT. “That is a question that is not for now. My projection is this. It is what I mentioned, occupying myself at this time in these three months, working on what we were talking about a while ago. The question seems good to me. I have no problem answering respectfully, sometimes I understand that it bothers my permanence, even when the results are not given. But ultimately it should be seen as a merit. “

“In a society that wants to destroy everything quickly, permanence should be seen as a merit. I don’t look at myself, but at the rest of the coaches. I speak to the leaders of other institutions. Soccer is not art. You sit down and change a couple of things, it doesn’t happen in the short term. When you are convinced, it must be real. We are making mistakes all the time. I would propose that when a DT is hired and he is not supported, that the person in charge of the choice of that coach. Think about what that would mean. My permanence should be seen as a merit. That’s why I speak of conviction”.

“There must be a lot of people to whom this should happen. I have nothing. I just sit here to tell them that no matter how hard they try to destabilize me, no matter how hard we lose games, it’s not going to happen. I’m going to be Until the last day of my contract, always with my head prepared to give the team better solutions. If it is enough to fight the tournament well. If not, generate a structure so that here or in the medium term it will serve the institution”.

“Six months ago we already had the clear possibility that we had to occupy some players who were not going to be there. We have been working for six months. They did not happen at the beginning of the year knowing that we were going to lose Julian. The Aliendro thing was another great addition that We were able to bring in a very good footballer with very good current affairs. And Solari is a young player with projection, who will give us the grain of sand. Borja was one of the possibilities on the radar from before. We were able to make it happen, it was a great effort. As long as the European market remains open, we are on the lookout. According to what the market times allow us”.

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