Gabriela Cerruti denied that Gustavo Santaolalla lives with Alberto Fernández in Olivos: “It’s nonsense”

gabriela cerruti He denied this Tuesday, August 2, that the president Alberto Fernandez is living with the musician Gustavo Santaolalla at Quinta de Olivos to work together on a series of musical themes. “It’s nonsense that only tends to disqualify and generate discomfort,” he assured.

The version was published this Sunday, July 31, in a note from Horace Verbitsky on your doorstep The Rocket to the Moon. with the title Massa and the guiltyThe article pointed out that Alberto Fernández would have had a “protocol role” before the arrival of Sergio Massa to the cabinet, so now he could dedicate more time to his artistic facet in relation to music.

With the new scheme in Casa Rosada, argued Verbitsky, two possible scenarios open up, one where the governing leadership (Massa, Fernández and Cristina Kirchner) shares the decisions and another where “Alberto resigned himself to a protocol role, to the European”.

Horacio Verbitsky: “No one provokes that kind of hope that Cristina provokes”

“If so -in the case of the last scenario- you will have more time to devote to arranging your new songs that in long dawns Gustavo Santaolalla is doing with him, staying at the Quinta de Olivos”, narrated the letter that sparked the rumors.

As soon as the news began to echo on social networks, the presidential spokeswoman took to her Twitter account and shared the official version of the events, although without naming Verbitsky: “This information, in addition to being false, is nonsense that only tends to disqualify and generate discomfort at a time when the country does not need it,” he published.

Gustavo Santaolalla never stayed at the Olivos residence. He honors the president @alferdez with his friendship, but as far as I know, he is touring Europe and consequently very far from our country,” Cerruti clarified.

The rumors increased in their plausibility due to the close relationship that Alberto Fernandez keeps with the musician. Both had lunch together during the 2019 electoral ban and shared a video where they are seen playing the guitar.

In turn, the president also participated in the video that several artists dedicated to Santaolalla for his 69th birthday, in which he could be seen singing the verses of Vasudevarecognized song of the artist in the Arco Iris group.


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