gap grows between those who respond and those who do not

A divided River. Or rather, two River: the one that represents Marcelo Gallardo (and the fans) versus the one that does not recognize himself. The one who played the first 60 minutes at Liniers against the one who suffered at Vélez in the last half hour. The one against Barracas and in the first half and for a while in the second at Amalfitani showed signs that he recovered the competitive mentality that characterized the MG cycle against which due to the extremely poor level of some of its members (and the decisions of the coach) he doesn’t even have it.

River took from Liniers a stronger blow than the goal of the dying tie. And that shock is that on the field where he entered the slide he had the x-ray that the coaching staff lacked to corroborate what Sad River had already insinuated on the night of June 29: that there is a crack in their campus.

A huge gap that, contrary to what happened with other teams in this era, is not only football. There is a gap of soul, character, personality, rebellion (or lack thereof) between the 11/12/13 footballers who can be starters today (Armani; Casco, Paulo/Maidana, Martínez/Pinola, Elías Gómez; Simón, Palavecino, Aliendro, De la Cruz, Beltrán) and most of their replacements. And Gallardo, just over three months from the end of a compressed season, has already taken note. And he underlined his notes.

If until Sunday night the Doll was more than concerned about not being able to get the answers he expects from several of the reinforcements that he himself chose this season (Pochettino, González Pirez and Juanfer) and also of others to whom he continues to give opportunities that they squander (Paradela or Romero, the clearest examples), His nonconformity had and will have consequences. That is:

1) If Pinola returned to the starting role in Liniers in the absence of David Martínez, it was because González Pirez (1,220 minutes in 16 games so far in 2022) fell significantly in the consideration of the DT after his very weak 45 ‘against Godoy Cruz in which enabled Ojeda in the goal and could even have been sent off. That is why it is not ruled out that at the end of the season his return to Inter Miami will be negotiated or, failing that, an alternative to his two-year loan will be sought for which he paid US $ 1.8 million.

Pineapple in action. photo MARCELO CARROLL

two) It is already a fact that Pochettino’s purchase option (US$6 million) will not be used in December: the apathy shown by the midfielder to turn his situation around (he barely added 638′ in 19 games with a very low provision) exasperated even the most patient.

3) Except for an abrupt turnaround in his performance and/or that he accepts a contract ostensibly less than the current one in a difficult financial context to support foreign players, it seems more than difficult for the club to make use of the option for one more year for Quintero.

Miguel Borja and Tomas Pochettino.  Photo Diego Haliasz / river press

Miguel Borja and Tomas Pochettino. Photo Diego Haliasz / river press

4) The irritating laziness observed in Pochettino at times is also noted in a José Paradela who is disorienting, because he goes from brilliant appearances like the ones he had against Lanús -with a goal and cue assist included- to performances like the one on Sunday where he lost the ball that He finished in the corner before the goal with an astonishing candor. Whether or not they show the exit to the new Nacho project will depend on how it continues its course from here until October.

5) With Borja on the squad, Beltrán consolidating himself and Londoño pushing from behind, Brian Romero his possibilities begin to shrink, although in his case it is not due to a lack of will or energy but of hierarchy: emblem of sacrifice, what is revealed in each failed definition is that his resonant irruption in the club was the exception and not Rule.

It was not accidental but causal, then, that with the entry of four of these five players the contrast between the two Rivers that was seen in the 2-2 against Vélez was produced. That from a first half with 52% possession it has gone to a second with only 31%, from 11 shots on goal to just 1, from 201 passes to 126 and from three corners, to none.

Although worse than statistics is that in practice there has been a deja vu: as in the first leg of the Cup, Vélez once again took it on, doubled it in intensity, physically surpassed it and put it to play in a third of the courtthe one closest to the Armani bow, until tied. Tie him and, therefore, give him back (to Gallardo, to his work group and also to the leaders) some of the questions that seemed to have found answers in the victory between Barracas for the Copa Argentina.

A divided River. two river. A world of differences that widen while reinforcements continue to arrive (Borja and Solari), millions are invested (so far US$25 has gone to 11 additions) and doubts reappear.

This Tuesday, Gallardo will speak with the press

As had happened after the defeats against Huracán and Godoy Cruz for the Professional League, Marcelo Gallardo, surely upset again by the performance of his team and Vélez’s agonizing draw, suspended the press conference that he was to give on Sunday night in the Amalfitani Stadium. He left quietly, again. Finally, he will break it this Tuesday after morning practice at River Camp. Thus, River’s DT will be able to give his opinion on various issues…

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