Gareca recounted the special request he made to his family in the midst of the negotiations with Peru

The departure had already been confirmed, but Ricardo Gareca He participated in a press conference to formalize his separation from the Peruvian soccer team after the elimination in the playoff against Australia and the previous qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

El Tigre did not know how to detail when the break occurred to ruin the negotiation to renew, although he did point out a detail of a personal nature that made clear his intention to continue leading the white-haired: “My interest was such that when I went on vacation for a few days with my family, with my children and my wife, I raised with them what I had never raised before. Since the president expressed his concrete interest in continuing, I talked to them to come with me living in Lima. I needed more accompaniment because they spent 7 or 8 years alone and, staying 4 more years in Peru, meant being more accompanied. I had my dog, ha, but I needed my family.”

The Argentine coach spent the holidays in Central America and explained about the delay in his response: “There are many things to analyze, that’s why I always took a month before making decisions. I want to reflect, I am interested in reflecting to make an analysis”. And when asked about the fundamental reason for his dismissal, he replied: “There was a turnaround, but I can’t tell you specifically what, I don’t know. I am a soccer man and these things can happen. There was interest from both sides and there was a break. At what point, I don’t know.”

Gareca avoided talking about specific issues about his contract and that is why he was accompanied by his representative and lawyer mario cupelliwho hinted that someone from the federation aired the fact that the salary reduction of DT by 40%although at the same time he rejected the possibility of investigating the fact.

“I never felt cheated or used. Each moment has its particularity. The fact that he is currently with the president (Agustín) Lozano was circumstantial. That we had a coincidence during this period was just that, a coincidence. It happened since the departure of (Edwin) Oviedo from the Peruvian Federation and we respond to the Federation”, said the coach. And he closed: “I don’t have to judge, everyone has a way of proceeding and driving. I have nothing to say about that. In the sports area I never had any problem, we were here until before traveling to Buenos Aires and we talked about a real and concrete sports interest”.

Cupelli hinted that regardless of the economic issue, other reasons led to the disagreement between the parties: “There were contractual issues, modifications and removal of certain clauses that were in the contracts, and that sum did not give the conditions to continue.”


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