Garlic tea to lower cholesterol and lose weight: this is how it is prepared

Losing weight and losing weight sometimes becomes an obsession, as it is a long and heavy process that can drive many people to despair.

Health specialists advise eating a healthy diet and practicing sports on a regular basis to lose those extra kilos, there are also some supplements such as natural infusions that provide properties when you want to lose weight.

According to the portal aHOWTOlosing weight is impossible without a good balance between food and daily exercise, but there is still something more important that is often not taken into account: the conscious change of eating habits”.

In the aforementioned portal they also advise consuming foods rich in omega-3 and protein. It is also important to avoid trans fats.

In sports activity, experts advise Alternate cardio with toning exercises, as this is how you burn fat and strengthen the different muscles of the body. The activities they recommend are running, jumping or doing other variations of sports routines.

To lower cholesterol and lose weight, garlic tea is a natural drink that also cleanses and purifies the body, in addition, it serves to increase metabolism and helps burn calories.


  • 3 cloves of Garlic, minced or cut into small pieces.
  • Honey (01 tablespoon).
  • Lemon Juice (01 teaspoon).
  • Ginger root (01 piece).


The portal experts Know how to live highlight that in the vast majority of cases, obesity is not inherited, on the contrary, “it is the result of repeating habits that are classified as obesogenic, that is, capable of promoting obesity.”

The ideal way to lose those extra kilos is to make small changes in daily eating habits and in the practice of sports activities, these must be repeated daily, to be done naturally.

Diet recommendations for weight loss

Nutrition specialists indicate that research has shown that the consumption of vegetables is essential when you want to lose weight, even taking the same calories, those who consume these foods reduce their weight.

Meals should include a source of protein, a source of fat and low-carbohydrate vegetables, as explained in health line.

Experts also advise reducing the consumption of foods such as pizza, since a portion can reach 400 kcal. Fried foods are also included in these foods, the ideal is not to consume them more than once a week.

Milk also suggests reducing its consumption, “a glass of whole milk gives you about 150 kcal”, they highlight on the portal Know how to live.

Desserts are a temptation due to their delicious flavor, but because of the white flour and its sugar, the calories can skyrocket. According to Know how to livea tablespoon of dressings such as mayonnaise adds 90 kcal.

In the portal health line recommend reducing carbohydrates, as this helps lower insulin levels, which causes the kidneys to remove excess sodium and water from the body. This process serves to eliminate bloating and unnecessary water weight.

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