Georgina Barbarossa opened Tinder and revealed the requirements that a man must have to make an appointment

Georgina Barbarossa opened Tinder and revealed the requirements that a man must have to make an appointment

Georgina Barbarossa He always kept his private life well guarded. However, now she said that Tinder was opened, a dating application that allows you to meet people with likes and interests similar to yours.

In the last hours, the actress spoke with Hold on Catherine, the radio cycle of La Once Diez. For the first time, he confessed that he joined the application and revealed what are the requirements that a man must meet to conquer his heart.

True to her style, the host clarified with great humor that she is not currently in a relationship, but “she had a couple of things” lately. “First one, after the other”, she added in a tone of irony and aroused laughter.

As expected, they also consulted him about the new ways of connecting today. In the first place, she made it clear that she “does not rule anything out”, but she admitted that she does not see herself in a polyamorous sentimental relationship as Flor Peña does, because she “is very jealous”.

As if this were not enough, Georgina also said that Tinder was opened and that she met an ex-partner through the dating application. “What happens to me is that I’m so busy right now that I don’t have time to pay attention”assured the actress, who is currently in charge of A la Barbarossa, the magazine that she hosts on Telefe from Monday to Friday.

"I'm not on the phone all day because I'm dying"recognizes the actress and host
“I’m not on the phone all day because I’m dying,” acknowledges the actress and host

Later, Georgina Barbarossa referred to the requirements that a man must have to win her heart: “They have to be brave because they see you strong and they get scared.” Then she added: “Let them be clean, with full teeth, nice and cultured. That he speaks well to me, that he conjugates my verbs well and that he doesn’t tell me ‘you saw’ or ‘you grabbed’”.

Recall that a few months ago, Georgina had enthusiastically revealed that she was starting a new relationship. The actress said that she met this person through her application, to which she received several proposals since she opened it to him in the middle of the summer season.

When consulted by Gente, the actress was honest about the reasons that led her to break up the last relationship: “I can no longer tell more because in the summer I counted and everything rotted. You are buchones (referring to the press). It was punctured… so I won’t say anything else”.

“I’m on Tinder. What happens is that later I forget to answer. I was doing the season at Carlos Paz and Rochi Igarzábal and Sofía Macaggi opened it for me. I could not believe it. I started to have a lot of fun, but life doesn’t happen that way either. I’m not on the phone all day because I’m dying. Between the messages and all the information that comes to you, it’s like… if love comes, fantastic, “she closed.


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