Geraldine Neumann continues on a motorhome trip with her family: they want to travel 8 countries in 12 months

Let us remember that, a few months ago, Geraldine Neumann told her Instagram followers that she would go on a great motorhome trip with her family.

Thus, and with the emotion on the surface to say goodbye to his home in Buenos Aires, he explained that the objective is to record material for a documentary series focused on sustainable projects. Now, in just over five months, they toured many cities and towns in Europe, on a route that included a reunion with her aunt and uncle in the Netherlands, and postcards with impressive landscapes.

It is worth noting that the model and her husband, Jorge Otamendi, founder of an audiovisual production company that dedicates content mainly to issues related to nature and sustainability, travel accompanied by their children Helena, 16, and Matías, 12.

It all started with a flight to Madrid, Spain. and after a few days they rented a mobile home to embark on the eight-month tour, with the idea of ​​visiting twelve countries. These last few weeks they were amazed by the picturesque landscapes of Baden and Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, where they got on the cable car to ride through the clouds and see mountain peaks. They were also encouraged to fly paragliding and record aerial views of the region. The previous destination was Italy, where they met Scopello and Mondello in Sicily (Italy). There they enjoyed the beaches, took pictures of the sunset and tasted the local cuisine.

Last month they were in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, where they went canoeing, doing nature activities and long walks. At least two of the members celebrated her birthday in the middle of this adventure: Geraldine celebrated her 39 years and her son Matías also posed smiling at the inauguration of his 12 years. “Happy Birthday! You are all that is good. Simply thank you, ”her husband dedicated to him along with a romantic postcard on Instagram. While she congratulated the youngest of the family: “Congratulations my puppy, I wish you all the beautiful things in this world! I love the way you are, you are the most fun, good, sweet, sensitive, companion and affectionate. Thank you for choosing me as your mom.

Finally, it is good to know that the four of them decided to title this project as “A message to the world”, and on their website they explain the roles of each one in the production of the audiovisual material: they define Helena as “the promoter of the trip, super committed to ecology, soul music”, and her task is to interview artists from each region. Her brother also enjoys playing the drums and the keyboard, but he is the one in charge of chatting with the cooks of each place, since he dreams of being a chef and a photographer when he grows up.

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