Going back to school will be easier with these 5 items from Aldi

A few days before the beginning of September, the ´back to school´ has begun in a large part of the supermarket chains of the Spanish territory. Although we all associate this time of year with books, notebooks or pens, none of them will be as useful to your children as these products that Aldi has put up for sale in bazaar section.

The German multinational aims to make your children start off on the right foot this new school year. During these last weeks of August, Aldi is offering this small selection of items that will make the ´back to school´ much easier.

Aldi items that are most in demand

In the collection of the objects that children love the most, we look for their usefulness, such as a support that they like so that the screen is adapted to their height or an extension plug that is safe, but has the design that they like. Here are some ideas:

NK Cable Management Set

One of the biggest problems we suffer with the amount of electronic devices that we use in our day to day, is to keep your cables well sorted and collected. On many occasions they get entangled with each other or we find them lying on the ground, but that will no longer be the case with this cable management set NK that Aldi has put up for sale.

This product is available in several models and colors for you to choose the one you like best. They all have a protectivea love Y 4 self-adhesive dividers. Due to its magnificent usefulness when studying, this product will seem like a real bargain, since it only costs €4.99.

NK in-ear headphones

There is no better way for your children to have fun and relax while playing than listening to their favorite songs. These nk headphones They have several designs that will delight the little ones in the house, since they are inspired by emoticons or even a unicorn. With this product you will not have to worry about listening to music at a high volume, since it only reaches one sensitivity up to 100db. An article that, how could it be otherwise, has a control volumesY microphone and a cable length of 120cmand it only costs €4.99 an Aldi.

NK ´in ear´ headphones available at Aldi

A4 Quigg Laminator

As your children get older, the difficulty at school increases, and with it they must learn to memorize. Is A4 Quigg laminator It is one of those products that are very useful if you have one at home, as it will help keep all the notes you write down at school in better conditions.

A4 Quigg Laminator that you will only find at Aldi

Thanks to your fast preheatIn a few seconds you will have it ready. It has a ABS function to separate the rollers. This laminator has been designed to sheets from 80 to 125 microns. Its efficient and low consumption design will enchant you. In addition, it includes 10 A4 pockets, 10 A5 pockets and 10 50 x 82 mm pockets, for just €19.99.

Support for monitor Expertiz

With the advancement of technology, it is normal for your children to take notes or study through the computer. With this Expertiz monitor standthe task of studying will be much easier, since it will help them to have everything at hand and well organized. This product has a wide size of 40x30x12cmdistinguished in two drawers up to 3 compartments each one on which they can store all the school material they need to have at hand. Its price is €24.99.

Expertiz monitor stand ideal for studying

Multiplug Work Zone

When studying, many consider having their computer, mobile phone, tablet or any electronic device at hand that can help them with this task, although the only drawback is that using any of these devices for many hours can cause remain No batterya circumstance that will solve this multi-plug work area from Aldi.

Workzone power strip you need in your home

With this product, running out of battery is not an option, and thanks to its three models you can get the one you like best. The multipowerr has a traditional design with 4 standard sockets; the power disk with a circular design it has 4 standard plugs and 2 USB connections; and lastly, the power globeshaped like a ball, it has 4 standard plugs and another two USB. For only €16.99you can do with any of them at Aldi.

From the hand of Aldiyou can get these products that will be of great utility for your children during this new school year. Studying or doing homework has never been so much fun and all thanks to the German supermarket chain. Some products that will be in Aldi stores from the day August 23rd.

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