Google pressures its workers to minimize distractions

Both Zuckerberg and Pichai ruled out layoffs for the time beingbut the uncertainty between the employees of both technology grows and grows. Especially after the big tech have stopped hiring to face the crisis derived from the pandemic and the fall in value that affects the digital sector.

The productivity of Google as a company is not where it should

While the company’s revenue grew 62% in the second quarter of 2021, this year it only increased 13% over the same period. At the last investor conference, Pichai warned: “It is clear that we are facing a very demanding macroeconomic environment with a lot of uncertainty ahead“.

To improve the economic results and the efficiency of the employees, Google launched “Simplicity Sprint”an initiative with which Pichai also intends to alleviate tensions after the results of ‘Googlegeist’, a survey that showed how part of Google workers felt underpaid and underpromoted.

Simplicity Sprint to “improve efficiency”

According to slogan CNBCGoogle will collect ideas from its entire team to find out what areas it should focus on to improve the efficiency of its workers, who have until August 15 to present their proposals for improvement.

The initiative includes questions such as: “What would help you work more clearly and efficiently to serve our users and customers?”, “Should we remove speed bumps for better results?”.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to improve the productivity of Google employees Y “create a more goal-focused culturein our products, in the customer. We should think about how to minimize distractions and raise the bar for both productivity and excellence in our products,” Pichai said.

From Google Human Resources they do not consider the reduction of personnel

Despite the results of this second quarter and Pichai’s warning, fiona ciconithe head of human resources, made it clear thatThe company does not currently have redundancy plans, although it did not completely rule out this option either.. “While we can’t be sure how the economy will perform in the future, we are not currently seeking a reduction in Google’s global headcount“, he claimed.

What Google did do, like so many other technology companies, was put a stop to the hiring of workers. In recent weeks, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta announced that they will reduce the number of contracts.

In Google’s case, Alphabet announced that it will stop signings throughout the year and that it will focus resources on priority areas. Apple sentenced last week the change of stage in the big technology companies. Although he did not give details, he announced the transfer brake in some areas during 2022 and 2023.

Microsoft already announced in May that it was going to freeze new hires in the short term and, a couple of weeks ago, intensified its bet by announcing the dismissal of workers in all its categoriesespecially in the cloud and cybersecurity divisions, a move that will affect less than 1% of its global workforce.

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