Harrison Ford’s jewel: he was discovered walking in a luxurious Jaguar convertible from 1955

Just four months after the plane crash in which he broke his pelvis, Harrison Ford was photographed aboard a car that every lover of the classics yearns for: an exquisite Jaguar XK 140 built in 1955.

The seventy-three-year-old actor was discovered near his home in Brentwood, California, giving a ride in his old green convertible. The Star Wars legend wore jeans, a T-shirt and a cap, in a very casual look.

The market value of this car is very relative, since it would be necessary to know the details of the condition of the vehicle and its maintenance, but it is estimated that it can be around 120 thousand dollars. In the United States, the most expensive was paid 425 thousand dollars.

Harrison Ford, behind the wheel of his Jaguar XK 140. Credit: Backgrid/The Grosby Group

The history of the Jaguar XK140

The XK140 is a sports car which Jaguar built between 1954 and 1957 to succeed the XK 120. Improvements over the XK 120 included more interior space, reinforced brakes, rack and pinion steering, increased suspension travel and telescopic dampers.

Visually it is distinguished by more prominent front and rear bumpers and flashing turn signals (operated via a switch on the dash).

The Jaguar badge was incorporated into the grille surround. A chrome trim strip runs the length of the hood and trunk lid. The detail: there is an emblem that says “Le Mans Winner 1951–3″.

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The XK140 is powered by the inline 6 cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts Jaguar XK from 3.4 liters designed by William Heynes. With the modifications on the XK120, the specified power was increased by 10 horses to 190 donkeys (142 kW) gross at 5,500 rpm, as standard for the range. At that time, some versions reached 210 horses.

Harrison Ford's jewel: he was discovered walking in a luxurious Jaguar convertible from 1955

In 1956, the XK140 became the first Jaguar-built sports car to be offered with an automatic transmission. As with the XK120, spoked wheels and dual exhausts were optional, with most XK140s imported into the United States having optional wheels. Tires came standard at 16-inch sizes.

The Roadster body (like Harrison Ford) has a lightweight canvas top that hides behind the seats. The interior is upholstered in leather and synthetic leather, including the dashboard. Like the XK120 Roadster, it has removable canvas and plastic side curtains on the light alloy barchetta doors and a canvas tonneau cover.

The top of the doors and tailgate panel have been lowered by two inches (50mm) compared to the XK120, to allow a more modern steering wheel position. Changed the angle of the front face of the doors (A-Post) from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, in order to facilitate access. And the windshield remained removable.

This is the interior of the Jaguar XK 140.
This is the interior of the Jaguar XK 140.

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