He appeared on Canta Conmigo Now and moved Marcelo Tinelli with a hymn from the ’90s and his strong life story

The emotion of Marcelo Tinelli with Gastón Bellero in Sing With Me Now (El Trece)

Gastón Bellero is 45 years old, he is an operator in a car factory and had never been in a television studio. For him, music is a hobby mixed with passion, the kind that stood out in his teenage rock band and accompanies him in informal and outdated guitar playing to this day. This Thursday, he surprised everyone, starting with himself, with his presentation at sing with me now. With his talent, he captivated the jury and because of his strong life story, he ended up tearing up and hugging the driver Marcelo Tinelli.

With a varied formation between folklore, tango and national rock, Gastón was already moving when he revealed the reason for his presentation. “ANDI am here for the blessed reason of my three suns, my children whom I love with all my soul. They are the engine of my life, they are living far away and I hope this direct hug reaches them”, he yearned, before making his debut in the contest of The thirteen.

With a rocker attitude, Gastón stood on stage and dusted off a classic from the ’90s: “Mujer lover”, by White rat. He closed his eyes and let himself be carried away by the song, which from its first chords bought the driver. A direct trip to the times of Rhythm of the Nightthat led him at times to lose his composure and sing like another fan.

Gastón Bellero interprets “Woman Lover” in Sing With Me Now (El Trece)

The participant finished his audition with his hands on his knees and his eyes fixed on the floor. In the background you could hear the applause of the jury and the grandstand and surely endless sensations traveled through your head. In that, Tinelli approached to wake him up from his reverie and embrace in an emotional hug that seemed endless.

When they finally parted, they both teared up while the voices of Gustavo Cerati Y mercedes sosa with “Zone of promises” and the scene ended up making sense. Then the driver explained why he felt like hugging him. “It struck me when you talk about your children, that you haven’t seen them for a long time and they are going to listen to this song,” he said. pigheaded. “He hits me a lot, one who loves his children when he can’t see them, suffers,” she added.

Gastón said that his children are in Alta Gracia, and that he hopes to meet again as soon as possible. “Working a lot doesn’t allow it, but as soon as I can, I want to go, I want them to be here…”, he said, moved and it broke again on Marcelo’s shoulder. To distract him a bit, Tinelli took the opportunity to get rid of a doubt. “You said this is your first time doing this. Is it the first time that you sing in front of a hundred juries or that you sing in public? ”, He asked her. “It’s the first time I sing in a place like this, with this piece of jury,” he admitted, before recounting his more informal experiences.

Gastón Bellero and all his rock polenta on stage. Credit: Ramiro Souto-La Flia

Calmer now, Gastón listened to what the jury had to say about him. The Cougar Rodriguez he left aside the life story and highlighted the pitch and power of the voice. “In this profession you have a way to go and your humility goes beyond any heart here”, highlighted the Venezuelan. “When he entered I felt a harmony, the energy that surrounds him,” said Cristian Castro. Of course, they were not the only ones, and with a stall dyed almost entirely yellow, he obtained 95 points that placed him in second place on the podium.

Fraud Dove Angione and his place in the final assured, Gastón had to measure himself in a tight sing out fraud Tomas Gimenez, that on the eve had garnered 89 votes. It was an even battle, which was left to the native of Tucumán by a difference of just three votes. Gastón retired with the bitterness of defeat but with the satisfaction of having found a possible path. And of having approached, at least for a while, the distance with his children.


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