He came and went from Rosario to Buenos Aires just to take classes, he was successful on Broadway, but he chose Argentina again: Josefina Scaglione

Josephine Scaglione

Before Maria Love without barriersthat Wendy’s Peter Pan lucy mine draculashe is Josephine Josephine Scaglione for the public, Jose for his people and “mama” for Imanol one year and three months. Multifaceted and eager to continue exploring, her pending (and goal) is to be part of a movie or series. The 13-year-old actress who traveled once a week from Rosario to Buenos Aires to study with Valeria Lynch and who a decade later starred on Broadway, told teleshow what it was like to work in New York, why he chooses Argentina and he talked about his solo project.

A while between rehearsal and rehearsal and taking advantage of the fact that his partner (the theater director sebastian irigo) went out with “Ima” as she affectionately calls her baby, it is the perfect space to face the talk, which started from back to front, from her present until reaching the importance and support that her parents gave her when she was a child, when it comes to feeding her passion for the artistic -not only emotionally, but logistically- a sacrifice that she always valued, but that since she is a mother she resignified and understands even more.

Josephine Scaglione, “Language”

As he prepares for the return of Dracula the musicalwith address of Pepito Cibrian and Angel Mahler, at an opposite pole, makes an independent play in the Espacio Callejón, Amparo resource, Y On Saturday, August 27 at 9:00 p.m., he will perform his solo show at La Tangente. And here the different Josefina(s) begin to appear: “It is inhabiting several of my colors, I am mutating and following the transformation, giving space to that”.

—How do you define your music?

—It has to do with my worlds and the place where the actress, the singer of musicals and the singer who grew up listening to very varied music, with a developed musical background and that it is time to share it, come together. All the Josefinas are there and it’s fun, the dramatic one, the minimalist one… and as far as sound is concerned there is a minimalist and modern search, I always tend to compose and produce taking it to a rather synthesized side.

Josephine Scaglione, “Truce”

—Without a character, now on stage you are going to be Josefina, what is it like to shed the characterization to be you? Do you prepare a character the same?

—It’s a surprise for me, and the character is appearing. I look for expressive honesty and I try not to pre-assemble but to give myself at the moment of the action, the same thing I do with the theater when the characters emerge, only that there I have a script and here the curve of what I put together with my songs supports me and the character appears alone. I look for what I do to be alive.

Josefina Scaglione with her son Imanol who turned one year old in May
Josefina Scaglione with her son Imanol who turned one year old in May

On May 26, 2021, she became Imanol’s mother. On how the birth of her baby cut through her as an artist, she said: “It’s turning around like a half mother, the world upside down and the most interesting things come up. In my experience, because each paternity It is unique, I usually live the processes intensely and to the surface and although it is exhausting, it is enriching. Artistically it nourished and nourishes me and is a source and inspiration, not so consciously but from a more subtle side. My task as an artist is to have the antennas tuned to capture what I have to capture”.

In a world that still lacks support when it comes to breeding, Josefina points out that she has a “very good colleague” and that together they manage to organize themselves so that each one can do what they like. It is that he is also a theater director and in September he will premiere Back in Patagoniawith Nahuel Pennisi, Fer Dente and Franco Masini. She naturally took her return to work after being a mother: “I was able to afford to spend the first six months maternity care to full, I resumed activity and it did us good”, he said and celebrated the formula: “Happy mom = happy baby”.

Josefina Scaglione in Love Without Barriers, the play she starred in on Broadway ten years ago
Josefina Scaglione in Love Without Barriers, the play she starred in on Broadway ten years ago

Since 2014 it has been installed in Buenos Aires, although “nothing is definitive”, clarifies who lived four years in New York and shone on the Broadway billboard with the role of Maria in Love without barriers. He enjoyed and grew from that experience, but he would not live abroad again. “I bet fully on my country and on the talent that is here, I want to be here, it is a choice to be in Argentina and I bet on working with the people I love. The doors to the outside are open, but I don’t even want to settle outside, I want my son to grow up here, close to his affections and if he decides to fly, he does so”.

“The friendships, the family, the way of working, our idiosyncrasy”, These are some of the things that she listed when asked about why she chooses to stay in the country. “They are those neat things that identify us and that make us choose to be here beyond the mess of the day, the crises and the distressing moments. It is our way of facing, of relating. We have a closeness and warmth and there is great raw material”.

Josephine Scaglione
Josephine Scaglione

For her, doing theater in the Buenos Aires square is “playing first class” as is doing a work in the off or star on Broadway and it fills her with pride. And about the differences between Buenos Aires and New York when facing a musical, he said that the main thing is “Infrastructure”: “It is a multi-million dollar industry and the seasons last for years, while here a few monthsIt is a miracle then that there are productions of the caliber that exist and it is because people bet on doing it in Argentina, and so do I”.

Josefina recalled that during the four years she was in the United States she was treated in a very pleasant way and that her castmates gave her a warm welcome. “The experience was nice. They were super intense times, I was a girl and I was prepared to live what I lived and every time I value it more and it resignifies in my life “said who for his work came to be nominated for a Tony Award.

Getting to be there was the product of a long road in which his family was crucial. And speaking of all its facets, the “Josefina daughter”: “My parents played a fundamental and positive rolebecause they were very understanding and companions with me, they stimulated me, they followed me in my curiosities”. Today as a mother, she also wonders what to do: “I am learning with Ima, what they did with me, they were attentive to my curiosities and knew how to understand me.”

She feels grateful, since they always encouraged her along the way and never “demanded a title” apart from the artistic: “Many suffer from that.” Her dad was always “at the foot of the canyon” to accompany her, since in addition, everything implies certain logistics and family organization. And he gave an example that accounts for this: “At 13 I won a scholarship for Valeria Lynch’s school, I’m from Rosario, so once a week I left school, my dad took me to Buenos Aires, I took the three-hour class and we came back in the day.”

Josefina Scaglione as Lucy in Dracula, the musical
Josefina Scaglione as Lucy in Dracula, the musical

On October 6, 7 and 8 he will return with dracula the musical, at the Movistar Arena: “I can’t wait to put myself back in the shoes of Lucy, a super strong icon and I love playing her. I love her, she is the character that the public goes crazy with. I did Mina for the 25th anniversary of the play and now Lucy, I am the only actress in the world who played both roles”.

Although she “conquered”, as she says, many spaces, there are always new goals: “MI need to be able to enter the audiovisual universe, I feel I have something to give, I keep doing castings. It never ceases to be the time to keep putting yourself to the test. I am attracted to things to discover, leaving my comfort zone. It’s my big motto ‘And now, what’s next?’. I can’t wait to see how that surprises me and everything happens magically: I project the desire and at some point the planets align.


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