He is 18 years old and impressed the jury of Canta Conmigo Ahora with his forceful interpretation of a song by Memphis la Blusera: the video

Magalen In Sing With Me Now

89 of the 100 members of the jury of sing with me now They didn’t hesitate and pressed the button to sing with her. Magalen is 18 years old, she is from Tucumán and left everyone open-mouthed with her interpretation of “La Bifurcada” by Memphis la Blusera to which he made “some modifications in the lyrics”.

“I’m going with my friend… I’m a lost feminist, my modern inventions, which are not just stories”, he altered some parts of the song that he sang with a particular voice and power, raising his arms and showing that although he did not know him, that stage could be his.

Her real name is Magdalena Martínez, but when she sings she calls herself Magalen. “I am from Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, I want to send a greeting to the people who accompany me from there”, He introduced himself and told his relationship with music: “I’m 18 and I started singing as a baby, my dad made me sleep with a beautiful song, “Never Surrender”, and from there I feel like it all started. I’m much more passionate about rock.


What does singing mean to her? “It is difficult to describe in words the emotions that I feel and that I like to transmit”she said somewhat excitedly seconds before entering the stage.

“This is incredible, priceless, a dream, I am very happy and I thank everyone, I hope you like it a lot and sing with me”, he said before the 100 musicians that make up the prestigious jury and the track began to play. She barely began to sing “Yes, you’re leaving… no, I’m not going to be bitter” the yellow lights of those who had pressed her button to sing with her began to appear.

“You are a tremendous artist, no matter what happens, everything is a long way traveled and everything adds up, you are already an artist and one of music can live from many branches” Mari Pertiaci. Chapu Papap Rock highlighted his personality at the beginning of his song and continued: “You have the world ahead of you”. “You got to do your version and that’s what I liked the most,” Aaaron said. Then Anita Co defined her as a “fuck artist” and joked: “I’m envious, I don’t know if she’s healthy or what, never forget tonight, which is a before and after.”

Magalen In A Show In Tucumán

Moved to tears by the jury’s words, she recalled her uncle: “I am happy, I thank everyone and it has to do with the phrase of a very important person for me, my angel, who said that being happy must always be the goal, always seek your happiness because it is what we have left and it is the objective that we have to have”.

Then his father, Mauricio, also spoke: “I thought I was going to pass out from tears, these wonderful people who are up there have an energy, they are great and you deserve this daughter, you have no other place, that is your habitat.

“Incredible that an 18-year-old girl sings like that, isn’t it Puma?” Tinelli asked and Rodríguez answered.or: “Here comes the whole package, which lifts you out of the chair like a spring, She has charisma, figure, performance, voice, you danced on stage like a professional, so you’re complete, I congratulate you”. And Coti added: “I kneel, life is ahead of him, an impressive thing, I have goosebumps, excited and you have no ceiling.”

“You surprised us, you have no words, you break it, you are a beast what you transmit and never stop because you are huge”, said Cande Tinelli and L-Gante closed: “I saw an artist, I would like to listen to an album of hers, I would download their songs”.


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