He left football and became the hairdresser of the famous in Posadas

Friday, August 05, 2022 | 12:10 p.m.

A path of sacrifice and resignation had to go through Axel Segovia to be one of the most recognized barbers in Misiones.

As a teenager, he dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player playing as a striker. That was how he had a fleeting stint through the youth teams of La Cantera and Guaraní Antonio Franco, where he was very close to debuting in the first team.

From football he incorporated the hunger for victory and the temperance to bet on decisions dictated by the heart.

At the age of 18, the moment when an athlete begins to take his first steps as a professional, Segovia decided to hang up his boots to grab the scissors.

“I realized that I was not going to be (successful) with football, but I had a B side,” he said. It was at that moment that she proposed to her mother, (who works as a hairdresser) to learn from her knowledge in order to start her professional career.

In the beginning, he worked in a small space in his mother’s hair salon. Currently, at the age of 26, Segovia owns two barbershops, a beauty salon and, the recently opened one, a distributor of hairdressing items. In addition, he shares his knowledge by conducting courses and training.

“Today I look back and thank my parents, especially my dad who initially gave me 5,000 pesos to buy all my hairdressing equipment,” he confessed.

The famous hairdresser

One of his secrets to success is his interaction with social networks, mainly Instagram, where he shares his work and creates funny sketches interpreting situations that arise in the barbershop routine.

What perhaps Segovia would never have imagined is that his fortune would change when, through a message on Instagram, he would end up cutting the hair of one of the most recognized artists in the country, Pablo Lescano.

“I sent a message to Pablito when he was on vacation in Misiones, thinking that he would never answer me. But he answered me, he told me to go to the hotel where he was staying and there I met his family. It was a blessing,” Segovia recounted.

From that moment, different artists who arrived in the red land, such as: Rodrigo Tapari; members of the band La Konga; Mario Louis; Matias Valdez; big-apple; among others, they chose the Segovia barbershop to cut their hair.

“It is a sacrifice to coordinate with their times, for example: with Dj Alan Gómez, we were up to 3 cutting” explained the renowned Barber. Then he joked “but we always get at least one ticket (ha)”.

When asked which celebrity he dreams of offering his barber services to, Segovia answered without hesitation: “We all dream of cutting Messi.”

Over the years he never lost his love for soccer, and in this successful change of direction he went from making defensive cuts to making spectacular haircuts, but always with the flag of sacrifice as a banner.

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