He lives in Miami and shares tips for tourists: “Don’t look for accommodation there”

Franco Rosella is an Argentine who lives in Miami and is dedicated to creating content based on his experience in that city in the United States, through his TikTok account, @franquitorosella.

Regularly shares with his followers the prices of some Latin products in supermarkets or even the streets most visited by Argentines, but this time gave five tips for all the people who want to go on vacation a miami. From places to stay, the most recommended tourist sites and even how to save on your stay. Here are those valuable tips.

According to Franco, in this neighborhood of Miami Beach “they are practically cheating with prices”. He considered that it is a very expensive area and that a comfortable point can be found a little further north, if the traveler wants to stay in a place with a beach. I recommend that you look a little further north if you want to be on the beach or on the downtown side, the difference is abysmal, don’t let yourself be scammed, “explained the tiktoker.

As for how to get around this Florida site, TikTok user recommended using public transportation and even investigate about the different transports that are free. He considered that by using Uber a very high amount could be spent.

An Argentine tiktoker who lives in Miami recommended what to do when visiting the city

Don’t spend a fortune on Uber, you save a lot of money using public transport and it is super efficient no matter how many people tell you not to. Those who tell you that it’s not because they live here (in Miami) and they don’t need any other way, but with public transport it will reach you and you will have more than enough. And eye, an additional tip: find out why you have a lot of free transport”, he commented.

On the other hand, he recommended making a type of pantry in the supermarket not to spend on food from establishmentssince it would be much cheaper to eat inside the lodging place to avoid buying food at high prices. “This is very important if you come halfway to gas, don’t be salami, take some time and go shopping at Walmart. You are going to save a lot of money buying at Walmart to cook at home.”

Franquito explained that the salary of waiters is usually very low, so it is almost essential to leave them a good tip (between 10 and 20% of the consumption) to thank you for the service provided. So he recommended taking that into account when going to a restaurant to eat.

“If we talk about going out to eat, beyond the fact that the tip is already included in the ticket, remember that this is the one that is distributed and that the salary of the waiters depends on your tip because the salaries are super low because, precisely, it is complemented with the tip so… Leave a tip”.

Tiktoker Franquito Rosella gave his best recommendations for all tourists visiting Miamihttps://www.tiktok.com/@franquitorosella

The tiktoker said that Miami is a very versatile place with different vacation options: “Miami is not just a beach, do not forget to stop by and visit Brickell, Wynwood with its murals and even the Design District that are beautiful and full of art that you have to know”, he concluded.

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