He lost 80 kilos in Matter of Weight and was everyone’s favorite: the new life of “Chechu”

On March 14, 2006, a new era began on Argentine television. In the midst of the world boom of reality shows, it came to the screen Matter of weight (eltrece), cycle that proposed a coexistence between the participants who had as goal lose weightwith the help of a staff of health professionals. Obesity and the problems around it they were visualized by the audience through the voices of those who lived the disease day by day. Cecilia Rolle became one of the contest figures and 16 years after his debut he told THE NATION How has your life changed since then?

andrea politics She was in charge of being in charge of that first season of what was a new bet on Argentine television. The driver also He was the one who nicknamed “Chechu” to that woman friendly and outgoing, arrived from Rosarioand that it took a short time to win the hearts of the public, that each Friday gave him his support so that the balance was in his favor and continued in competition.

Cecilia entered several seasons in Matter of Weight (Photo Instagram @chechucdp)

Cecilia only likes to be called “chechu” Those people who knew her through the screen, those who despite not seeing her for a decade on TVshe is still recognized everywhere she goes, for example in her native Rosario, where she currently lives. Even she still enjoys greeting everyone who has a happy memory of her, because his joy was the one that stood out in the reality show, which, as she well affirms, changed her life.

When Cecilia was a teenager he began to go through various nutritionists, since his parents noticed that I had a few extra kilos. Indeed, the professionals indicated a diet, but the young woman did not follow it. It was a few years later that this difference from the “ideal weight” increased. “When I was 18 years old and my father died, I exploded with morbid obesity. Before he was just chubby”the woman recalled about the moment her health became a concern.

For many years, she remained in that weight that led her to live situations in which the discomfort due to her image collided her head-on with society, which did not stop cast your eyes on his physical appearance. With this context, and the outbreak of the economic crisis that occurred at the beginning of the 2000s, he resigned from his comfortable job and went to live in the United Statescountry that he had previously visited and in which he noticed that “fatness” was not a reason to be teased. There, she saw people her own size walking the streets without being judged by their eyes. That captivated her.

Before entering the contest, Chechu went to live in the United States (Photo Instagram @chechucdp)
Before entering the contest, Chechu went to live in the United States (Photo Instagram @chechucdp)

”For four years I collected money. I sold my things and donated others, and I went to live in the United States to escape the teasing and the problems of living in Argentina being fat”, she remembers about the sad reason that led her to leave the country. Her life abroad had no difficulties: worked as a babysitter and as a fashion lover could afford to buy all those clothes that before he could not get for his size, since he had to settle for dressing “with what was available”.

Although his life abroad was going well, he decided to return to Argentina when she saw that in reality the social gaze was not the only thing that conflicted her, but at every step obesity was shown as a setback for their health. The idea of ​​never going back to her country faded with the passage of time. “I realized that problems don’t go away by leaving.”, she reflected, and that made her return to her homeland.

Cecilia remembers her time on the program as one of the great experiences of her life (Photo Instagram @chechucdp)
Cecilia remembers her time on the program as one of the great experiences of her life (Photo Instagram @chechucdp)

Once in Rosario, while reading a newspaper, he saw that the casting for a new program was open. The brief characteristics that were mentioned were two: people with obesity and that the production was in charge of Endemol. He immediately related this information to a cycle he was a fan of in the United States, Lose to wina group competition in which the participants sought to lose weight. When he lived abroad she wanted to register but they did not admit foreigners. Therefore, this opportunity in your country was not going to let her pass.

“In the first casting they did to me a person told me ‘you are going to stay’. I thought he was a blackmail and that he said the same thing to all the participants”, recalls the former participant about her first meeting with a producer, who, as the story later tells, was not mistaken. He entered with his distinctive shirt that indicated a weighing of 142 kilos. She was discharged with a weight of 80 kilos.

“There isn’t a day that people don’t recognize me”affirms Cecilia, despite being away from the screen and to demonstrate that she not only left the cycle with her goal fulfilled, but also became a worthy daughter of a realitywith fame, affection and applause. He still remembers how his image was a symbol of struggle and support for other people. She does not forget each person who approaches her to say that seeing her “claw” on television gave strength to those who were going through Difficult situations of various kinds.

For the star participant, the reception she had in the public was simply for one reason: open as it is. Cecilia showed herself cheerful, sincere and without fear of being judged, by taking charge of their choices and decisions, that more than once they left her on the tightrope for the elimination of Matter of weight. Although people saw all the desire that she, and many of her classmates, had to fulfill her goal, she also remembers that in addition to what she showed herself, her stay away from home. His family and affections missed him greatly.

His passage through the cycle he remembers as a wonderful experience in which he had the “perfect combo” when looking to lose weight and be able to be on television. “On top of that with (Alberto) Cormillot, who for me is the Maradona of the fat ones!”highlights the vast experience and training of health professionals. Chechu lost more than 80 kilos during his time on the program in its first season. She then went back into her cycle by gaining back a few pounds, and she again met her goal, though she had some ups and downs that brought her back several times.

Her figure was one of the most beloved and the public always asked for her, which led her to be part of various seasons as an assistant, and of course later she made visits to tell about your present.

“They always charge me that I didn’t learn anything, but I have learned because since I left the program I maintain my weight”, he affirms, although he also indicates that his weigh today is eight kilos more than what he has established. During his participation, surgery was performed on gastric bypass with which one is looking reduced production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

Installed in Rosario, she works in a metallurgical factory: getting a job after participating in the program was difficult (Instagram photo @chechucdp)
Installed in Rosario, she works in a metallurgical factory: getting a job after participating in the program was difficult (Instagram photo @chechucdp)

However, the healthy habits that she learned in the television series accompany her daily, such as the choice of food to consume and the importance of what portions are eaten. So much so that she highlights that the most important thing she had as a lesson is to ask for help. “I immediately call my nutritionist. I go to the psychiatrist, to the psychologist. Those of us who take our time in the program seriously know what to say what you were going through“, Explain.

for checku, Matter of weight He gave him the help he had been looking for for years. The learning and the love of the public are two issues that count as the great gains from that experience. However, in working life he did not have the same luck. After the end of his participation, Getting a job was a complicated task.

Cecilia Rolle during her participation in Cuestión de Peso: she had wanted to participate in the US version, but they did not let her

“I was 34 years old when I became famous and When the program ended, it was very difficult for me to find a job in my field, Business Administration.. When I wanted to reinsert myself, it was not so easy to find a job. My popularity played against me, in terms of being in charge of something. It was very difficult for me to get what I was looking for, ”she says about that time, which is not her reality now. He has been working for eight years in a metallurgical factory in Rosario, where his peers are already used to hearing jokes about his fame.

Chechu is 50 years old and lives in Rosario (Instagram photo @chechucdp)
Chechu is 50 years old and lives in Rosario (Instagram photo @chechucdp)

Today, the life of the “favorite” of the cycle is far from the media. As she well showed on the screen, her cheerful spirit is the same and At 50 years old, she lives comfortably with her routine, accompanies her mother and has a close relationship with her brother. In social networks, he shares some aspects of his life and, as he knew how to do in the program, he encourages people to move on. His reality today is different but at first thought, he does not hesitate to be part of a future new broadcast, in whatever role he is offered.

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