He plays in the military band, got 100 points and moved Tinelli: “In Salta, when I was 7 years old I watched VideoMatch and it seemed distant”

Lucas Diaz scored a hundred points in Sing With Me Now and moved everyone

“Gift from heaven, my eternal love, my sweet Rufina, I coin your name, thanks to life, thanks to God who listened to us and left us the great task of caring for you with love”, pray the theme “Dream made love”, which in 2019 Lucas Díaz wrote for his two-year-old daughter Rufina. He knows that at some point he will be able to record it and give it to him as a gift. Music is one of his leitmotif and on Wednesday night the 30-year-old not only got the vote of the hundred jurors of Sing with me now on a special night where there were contestants with 100 and 98but it moved them, several to tears.

Before entering the stage to interpret “And what is he like?” by Jose Luis Perales warned: “For the hundred jurors to stand up, I am going to leave everything, as on every stage, and I am going to leave my heart, my soul, my life, which is my passion, the music that I love so much”. And since he who warns does not betray, that is how it was. “I am touched that he is a military man, it is a military job, it is a respectable and hard profession and I would have liked to be, it is a very high profession, like a teacher,” he told her with tears Cristian Castro in his return.

Lucas Díaz obtained the maximum score in Canta Conmigo Ahora after interpreting “And how is he?” by José Luis Perales (Photo Credit: Ramiro Souto)

The verses of the 1982 theme passed and the artists in the gallery stood up, some sang, others even cried. “At that time I did not realize (that they stopped), I tried to concentrate on the performance, the stage part, to look at her face and I just see Melina De Piano looking and I stayed to sing to her and she interacted and backstage she told me ‘I thought you sang to me’”, he told teleshow and that was the key for the jury, to buy the story. Who was he singing to? To his wife Julia and his daughters Martina and Rufina, who were waiting for him admiringly on one side of the stage.

It was precisely his partner who wrote him down to compete. “No, you’re crazy!”, had been her first response when she told him to sign up, “I had no faith”, she confessed. On July 20, she was celebrating Friendship Day with a friend at her house and they saw the casting promo: “We looked on Youtube that it had been done in other parts of the world and I got the idea, but I didn’t want to know anything. The following week they contacted me. They appointed me a vocal coach, we put together a repertoire of seven or eight songs and we did everything by zoom”.

Julia, Martina and Rufina, Lucas Díaz's family, with Marcelo Tinelli in one of the cuts of Canta Conmigo Ahora
Julia, Martina and Rufina, Lucas Díaz’s family, with Marcelo Tinelli in one of the cuts of Canta Conmigo Ahora

Lucas is from Salta, where he lived until he was 22 with his eight siblings and their parents. The music was from that moment present: “There was always a guitar at home, then I started with the bass drum at church, most of my family play the guitar. They took us to church and one played the organ, another the guitar, the bass, I liked percussion. We put together a group, and when I was fifteen my old man gave me a drum kit, which I played until I was 18 when I joined the army”.

He did not imagine that in the military he would be able to give free rein to his love for music. It was his brother-in-law who, when he finished high school, his brother-in-law convinced him to enter. “I did my career as a soldier and when they gave me the option, I chose to be part of the band, I didn’t hesitate and that’s where the training began, the technical part of reading music”, he told about his beginnings in the Tartagal 28th Regiment.

At 22, he was assigned to Concepción del Uruguay, to the Armored Engineers Battalion 2, where in addition to fulfilling his duties, he plays the trombone in the military band. It was in Entre Ríos where he met his wife, Julia, and in 2018 they got married. Father of Martina, 9, and Rufina, two, he was the one to whom he dedicated the song on stage.

Marcelo Tinelli and Lucas Díaz, attentive to the return of the jury of Canta Conmigo Now
Marcelo Tinelli and Lucas Díaz, attentive to the return of the jury of Canta Conmigo Now

At the end of his performance, with one hundred points, after the driver announced the cut, he merged with them in a hug: “I think about it and I get excited again, it’s a lot of effort, so many hours of benching to be behind me. She thought, ‘I have my people and I didn’t let them down, regardless of the result’, make them live this moment, that the day tomorrow they say ‘look how crazy’ and that they feel proud. When I finished, we cried and everything was very nice.”

“The nerves at the time of singing were tremendous, the previous day I was calm and safe, but that day when the lights came on… you get nervous but there is the contention of the producers, of the coaches, the attention they give you to feel more important and confident. And when I stopped in front of the stairs to go on stage, the first one who appeared to me was Cristian (Castro) and he said ‘where am I?’ It is a dream and what I came for. I tried so that the lights and cameras did not inhibit me and I could be calm and leave everything, “he said and that is why as soon as he finished the subject he could not take it anymore and unloaded his nerves. At that moment he felt the support of Marcelo Tinelli, who hugged him.

It is that in that sense, for most of his generation the pressure is double, since he is facing the man with whom they grew up in front of television: “During the break I stay talking to him, he is a genius of television as he manages everything, he asked me about my life and it is very crazy to be with him, For so many years watching it as a boy on the screen, in Salta we put on VideoMatch when I was 7 and it seemed far away for me to be there”.

On Wednesday, the bar was very high in Sing With Me Now.  The podium was occupied by the trio Woman to Woman and Lucas Díaz with one hundred points and Nicolás Reina, with 98 (Photo Credit: Ramiro Souto)
On Wednesday, the bar was very high in Sing With Me Now. The podium was occupied by the trio Woman to Woman and Lucas Díaz with one hundred points and Nicolás Reina, with 98 (Photo Credit: Ramiro Souto)

Lucas does not make music professionally outside of his battalion job. He only composed the song for Rufi, as she affectionately calls her baby who was born in the midst of a pandemic, far from her grandparents who were in Salta. “When my mother was able to meet her it was very nice, she dreamed of being a father, she was loved and planned and I wanted my mom to see me being a father and feel that pride. With the pandemic it was not possible but when it came, it was strong ”, He remembered and was moved again by the situation that thousands of babies who were born during confinement had to experience, only with the shelter of their parents.

It is always linked to singing: “I like to eat barbecue, get together with friends, we always go to a bar owned by my daughter’s godfather and every Friday we play guitar, I sing, maybe some other musician that we invite from the city and with my girls we do karaoke” .

On whether he dreams of launching into music or if he prefers it to remain as a hobby behind closed doors, he has not defined it and hopes that things will go as they did, like last night: “I wouldn’t reject anything, I wouldn’t project, but if a door opens I would think about it. I did not put together my band, projects came out to do things that vanished, nothing was ever concrete, I play in the military band and we do shows with popular songs that I have to sing. It is that although he did not release records or make a solo careerHe is fortunate to be able to live from what he likes and loves: music.

Lucas Díaz will continue in the race and after having obtained second place (in a jump-off with the trio woman to woman they came out first) will have to compete with Nicolás Reina, who got 98, to see who occupies a place in the final. What was the key for him to get a hundred votes? “Interpretation. The bar was very high, I had to pass last and before entering I thought, ‘I’m going for a hundred’”.


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