He traveled from Ushuaia to Alaska in a Torino, he met Maradona and now he will go to Europe

He bought the Torino 380 in which he is making this impressive journey in 2006, a vehicle he had wanted since he was eight years old. After buying it used, he spent three years fixing it up. Now that he is traveling, he clarified that “99% of people do not know what car it is, they look at it strangely.” This car attracted so much attention that Héctor was twice offered to buy it. The first offer was in Patagonia, a month after starting his dream, where they offered to exchange it for a 0 km truck. Later, a car collector“Perhaps the largest in Guatemala”, six months after seeing it he called him and asked if he would sell it: “«If some day you want to sell it, put me first on the list», he told me”.

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“I have been treated very well throughout the continent, from Argentina to Alaska, each country has incredible landscapes that are often not known for international tourism, especially what is Central America surprised me a lot,” said the young man and highlighted The Savior. He pointed out that there they are stigmatized by the problems that his country has, but that he was treated excellently: “He was a rock star there, because they called me from all the newspapers, from all the television programs.”

Asked what the most difficult part of the trip was, he indicated that it was the five minutes before leaving home: “Because you go out and you don’t know when you’re going to come back, that moment when I said goodbye to my old man, my sisters, my niece, my dogs. I was assembling the car and you say “what am I doing”, I put things in the trunk and I didn’t know what I was putting “.

“And I go prepared, I go with spare parts, with tools, but I don’t go thinking that something is going to happen to me,” said Héctor and said that he has already changed five sets of tires, he never called the tow truck, he was always able to solve problems along the way. .

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Among some of the inconveniences he went through, he highlighted what happened to him in Alaska: “Snow and ice caught me, I spun twice on the ice, luckily no one came behind or in front of me, and I went off the road. The first car that passed by began to help me, then trucks arrived, blocked the road, people got out and we shoveled the snow out from under the car and pushed it out”.

Regarding the financing of this feat, the cartographer said that he undertook the trip with savings that did not reach 4,000 dollars. “If I didn’t have money, it would be the same, I had already made the decision to leave no matter what,” he said. Before leaving Argentina, he began to make t-shirts that had the design of his trip, he began to sell them online and he also made some in Brazil that he was selling on his trip. “That couldn’t finance me, so my dad, who is already retired, decided to help me, «I’m going to the car events in Argentina, I’ll sell you and there I’ll help you with something »”, she said.

He met Diego Maradona: “It was like seeing Moses while the waters of the Red Sea opened up for him

When Héctor Argiró started the trip, Qatar was already working to set up the venue for the 2022 World Cup. “I had even imagined being in Qatar for the World Cup and having the chance to find it there. At that time he was still living in Dubai. And in addition to being close, he was not going to miss the World Cup. But everything changed”.

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Indeed, fate put the path of Héctor and his car in the same direction as Diego Maradona was in Sinaloa, as coach of Dorados de Culiacán. The man from Tucuman is a fan of Boca. Born in the late 1970s, he is part of a generation that experienced the soccer exploits of El Diez. Faced with that, having been face to face with the best player of all time was not another fact in the midst of this adventure. “I went to the stadium, where they were training, without any certainty that I could see it. But Torino was a caller. Diego’s assistant, also Argentine, saw us and was interested. “He came from Argentina to see you,” he told her. At that moment he walked towards us slowly, limping because he was dragging the problem in his knee, and for me it was like seeing Moses while the waters of the Red Sea parted for him. I hugged him, and luckily some friends brought cameras because I was in a trance. It was a dream within a dream.”

Now Héctor is in Chicago, United States and plans to continue traveling to Mexico, and there try to repair the vehicle due to the damage caused to the bodywork by the salt they put on the asphalt in winter. “Later, if the conditions are right, if I can gather the resources, try to send the car to Europe on a ship and I will continue traveling there,” the young man announced.

Those who want to be aware of Héctor’s journey can follow him on his social networks, “El Mundo en Torino” on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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