He was a heartthrob and one of the most beloved capocomicos in Argentina, but a great fear triggered a sad ending: the story of Gianni Lunadei | Chronicle

Giani Lunadei was one of the most popular actors in the 70s and 90s because it had a versatility that few had, it was off-road. It was developed in all genres and many of his characters made history and remained in the collective memory of Argentines. Although he had everything won and much to conquer, the fear of not working won him over and one day he took his life. His 45-year career was stopped and left a great sadness in the public and his colleagues.

Born into a poor family in Rome in 1938. Despite all the effort, his childhood was very complex. Her father was a bricklayer and her mother a seamstress, both worked day and night to be able to bring bread to her house in the midst of the prelude to World War II. While these hard moments passed, the little Gianni enjoyed the art of the time, since with great sacrifice they paid him for tickets to the La Ópera theater. Little by little, the seed of passion for acting was planted in the baby.

Gianni arrived in Buenos Aires thanks to the efforts of his parents.

When things got very violent in Europe, like many Europeans, Lunadei and her mother left their town for Argentina. At that time, they only hoped to work in any profession and have a secure future. A short time later, his father also moved in. Despite not speaking the same language and not having the same customs, life in America was so different that the actor never wanted to return to his homeland. His love for this region came to light right away, in fact, he learned to speak Spanish in fifteen days.

Quickly, he was enrolled in a school in Buenos Aires, but he was not very fond of studying. For this reason, one day he decided to skip his classes to discover the city more. While he was playing pool alone, he was approached by a man and invited to go to the theater. Going back to that childhood love marked his life forever. Since then He knew that he wanted to be an actor and he decided to work hard to achieve that desire. After this event, he enrolled in the Morón Theater School. His elders, especially his father, did not take well the measure made by his son, since they expected him to be professional.

Lunadei excelled in all genres.

Shortly after, he got his first theatrical participation in “All were my children.” At just 17 years old, he stepped on the stage of the Cervantes Theater for the first time and was part of the stable cast of the opera, “Mozart: El Empresario”. Likewise, he was a member of the Provincial and National Comedy and the San Martín Theater. From a very young age, he reaped successes such as “Don Juan”, “La dama boba” and the very literary classic, “Dracula”.

Thanks to China Zorrilla, he ventured into the world of comedy and it was excellent for him. His great role in the 70s was in Harlequin, in fact, critics celebrated his work, positioned him as one of the best actors of the time and made him worthy of the Molière Award. Being a performer born in the theater, his arrival on the small screen was not easy. Little by little, he earned his place and debuted in “Navigantes del genesis”. Finally, He was cataloged as a telenovela heartthrob with the fiction “Cuarto hombres para Eva”.

Lunadei was one of the men most loved by women.

Once he settles as an actor on TV, I do a lot of successful shows. One of them was “Mesa de Noticias” and “El Gordo y el Flaco” with Juan Carlos Mesa. He also shone in “Marriages and something else”, “Black File”, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, among many others. Also, participated in more than a dozen films and plays.

As for his personal life, he had several loves and romances. The best known is the one he had with the actress Perla Caron. Also, had three sons and a daughter: Alejandro, Valeriano, Ignacio and Magdalena. It was in force in the public for more than 37 years in a row, but from a very young age I had a very great sadness that was related to frustration and work. Before his death, Lunadei had already been hospitalized for a psychological problem, but he had managed to get out of that discomfort with the help of his family and specialists.

Lunadei worked with great figures.

On June 17, 1998, at the age of 60, Lunadei took his own life in the house located at Avenida Congreso 3618, Coghlan neighborhood. Reportedly, he shot himself in the mouth with a 32-caliber pistol and died instantly. With great sadness, he was buried in the Pantheon of Actors of the Chacarita Cemetery and was remembered on all channels. His story moved the public who appreciated him and the colleagues who respected him as one of the greats of Argentine humor.

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