He worked driving, accepted a trip and received a sexual proposal

The indecent request that a passenger made to a driver: “I don’t know where to start.”

Private travel mobile applications allow passengers speak through a to chat with their respective drivers while they wait for the go look. It is usual that let me know through that way if there is traffic delayor even if warn if location is changed. However, this time there was a unexpected contact Between the parts.

A driver from the City of Córdoba asserted that a passenger, whom I had to transferHe made a sexual proposal to her. Her anecdote circulated on social networks and attracted hundreds of users.

The author of the story, who is called Stephenwent to his Twitter account to explain what allegedly happened to him during his workday. As she implied, she drives for one of the private transportation apps that operate in the area.

The “Indecent Proposal”

The worker of 38 years He assured that, this August 17, the application suggested a travel request from a person named “Ramiro“. At that time, Stephen agreed to make that journey.

Then, while on his way to his destination to pick up his passenger, the driver read a message that what left speechless.

Request. The indecent request of the passenger to the driver.

“A passenger asked for a car, I accepted the trip and he sent this. I do not know where to start“, tweeted the Cordovan citizen a few minutes after the text arrived. According to the screenshot he shared about it, Ramiro asked him a risqué question: “Pet Request*?”.

At that moment, Esteban opted for ignore to the sexual proposal. For his part, “Ramiro was “erased from the map.”canceled the trip in a few seconds because I didn’t answer himme I started laughing and took the catch hahahahahahaha,” he said.

The post immediately went viral and Twitter users began to react. “Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal, it’s a simple anecdote. Nothing happened and nothing was going to happen either. It’s my job, it’s my brother’s car, the only thing I’m looking for is to make a mango. Thanks for make me laugh so much with the mentions 😊”, said Esteban, who decided to delete the original tweet because he got “tired” of the mentions.

Tweet. "Nothing happened and nothing was going to happen either"Esteban said about it.

Tweet. “Nothing happened and nothing was going to happen either,” Esteban said about it.

On the other hand, there were Internet users who told similar stories. “I have many acquaintances in those apps and this is more common than you think. Even after the trip they invite you to the house or the telo or they contact you to chat. Men and women. I don’t know if it will be illness Or simply fever. Everyone goes through life as they want…” said one woman.

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