Hercai, culminating moments: when does the soap opera end on Telefe?

Sunday, August 28, 2022


Hercai is one of the Turkish fictions that has been on the screen for the longest time phone. Its premiere took place in September 2021, replacing “Woman Strength” and from that moment the rating always accompanied. This was thanks to the complex plot that he raised to the audience and that was based on revenge.

The fiction was inspired by a novel written by Sümeyye Koç, a Turkish writer born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1995. The title translates into Spanish as “pride” and poses “an impossible love story born of revenge.” Although the book is divided into 2 parts, which in fact were embodied in 2 seasons, the producers decided to start a third, which allowed a total of 69 original chapters.

In Turkey, the series came to an end in April 2021 with resounding success and now it is expected that the same impact will be seen in Argentina, whose last chapter will be seen on Telefe in the coming days. But when will it be?

The fiction is currently at the end of the original chapter 67 and there are still chapters 68 and 69 that are each comprised of around 2 hours and 40 minutes. In Argentina, each original episode is fragmented into 30 minutes a day and thus, an original chapter usually lasts a full week.

Currently there are around 300 minutes left to be broadcast on Telefe, which means 2 weeks ahead. That is to say, and unless the channel modifies the number of minutes on the air, the soap opera would be ending in the week of September 12.

In this way, there is little more than 10 days ahead that will come with twists in fiction that will be exciting. It is that the hatred of Füsun and Yaren will mark a presence throughout the next chapters and will face the strong love of Miran and Reyyan. Already without some key characters like Hazar, the plot will continue to be very complex at the hands of Azize.

What was seen last Friday

In last Friday’s episode, Miran teamed up with Cihan after realizing what few knew. “I know you didn’t kill my father. But Füsun wants me to blame you for that,” Miran confessed to Reyyan’s uncle, generating great surprise in the latter.

From this, both men decided to join forces to find Ümut and see how to bring down the evil empire of Füsun. To do this, they took the young man who worked as an employee of the Aslanbey woman hostage and sought a way for him to reveal the truth.

Thanks to that, Miran and Cihan were able to locate Ümut and take him to Reyyan who finally held him in her arms and took him in. In this way, Füsun’s vengeful maneuver with the baby ended, who also had plans to kill Miran but did not succeed.

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