Hercai: preview of this Tuesday’s chapter

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


A wedding, an argument and love triumphing. Hercaithe Turkish fiction of the naps of phone travels a path where the protagonists fight for love, leaving aside everything that harms them. Despite this, the Sadoglu and Aslanbey families resist the triumph of the heart.

In this Monday’s chapter, Azat and Gönul escaped in the middle of Reyyan and Miran’s wedding, without anyone from the family noticing. That provoked Cihan’s anger but the newlyweds reacted in his defense. “They decided a long time ago. No one could make them back down. Now it’s clear why we didn’t say anything. They left quietly to avoid all these problems. They’re going to stop holding us accountable for everything that happens in this family. Azat only asked for the Miran’s support because no one else wanted to help him,” Reyyan said.

For his part, Miran added: “There is no need for us to give an account. We did the right thing and if Azat asked me again I would do it again… Ambition has blinded him but that ambition will not be victorious over love. They took hand in hand and walked away together. Know that they will never return. I see that Azat was right to be away from you.”

In this Tuesday’s chapter, Cihan will face his family again, rejecting the possibility that Gönul and Azat are a couple and get married. “Is Azat supposed to have fallen in love in 2 days?” The man will throw his family without estimating the possibility of a relationship.

“I don’t believe that. Miran pushed him away for his own benefit. But he’s not going to be victorious,” Cihan will point out to which Hazar will try to mediate: “I understand your anger. If your son is gone, you don’t know where he is but if wants to come back, then I’m sure he will.

“He’ll be back”, Cihan will shout to which Hazar will reflect: “it’s fine but I can’t let you talk about Miran like that. It’s true, he hid it, he was wrong but he has no bad intentions. Don’t say those things”.

Hearing these words, Cihan will point to where it hurts his brother the most: “what do you mean brother? Why not! Your 2-month-old son is Azize’s 30-year-old grandson. He’s evil.”

On the other hand, Dilsah will also take advantage of this conflict. “My son and daughter-in-law did nothing. Owner Füsun not only gave those photos to Cihan but urged him to get angry with Miran,” the woman will say in front of Sükran, who will stop her and ask her not to continue making comments that could hurt .

“You’re right. We already had a big problem outside. I won’t be the one to increase it… daughter, don’t be so hard on yourself, remember that you will soon have a son,” he will express before leaving.

Finally a blanket of peace will fall over Miran and Reyyan after their hectic wedding day. Both will find themselves alone under the stars to dance. “Will the stars play the music?” she will ask with a smile to which he will remind her of the night in the cave.

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