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In the image, a motorhome parking lot in the town of Bétera (Valencia) in 2020.Monica Torres

The pandemic, the uncertainty about the future and the restrictions that still exist in many destinations have meant that motorhomes are registering record sales figures. This type of home-vehicle offers great autonomy and the advantage of being able to choose the destination practically on the fly. They are practically houses on wheels and for your enjoyment and safety, technology once again comes to the rescue with multiple solutions that will make life easier on a very special vacation.

Power Bank, to charge all equipment

“Indispensable, really, at a technological level, there is nothing to travel in a van,” explains Iñigo Mendia, a Basque who decided to leave his home and work four years ago and satisfy his vital desire: to live traveling in a van. “However, I would recommend a power bank” (a portable battery for charging mobile devices). These devices take up little space and can be charged while driving using the cigarette lighter socket.

Light in any circumstance

One of the great differences of living – even temporarily – in a motorhome is that you do not always have access to a plug and therefore most devices have a small battery that gives them life. Alex Huesa, creator of the portal Micasaconruedas, explains that one of the products that is being sold the most this summer is a folding LED lamp that also eliminates mosquitoes. This small device combines the essence of living in a van: multiple functions, little space and energy efficiency. It is recharged by USB.

Portable fan

Air conditioning a van or motorhome without having to resort to air conditioning is easier than you might initially think: good air circulation can reduce the interior temperature, but those who travel encourage us to resort to extra help. And this is where the fan comes in. As expected, there is a wide variety of models on the market that meet the two main requirements of what is known as van (life in a van): USB-chargeable battery and potability.

One charging station for all devices

Y power bank It can solve a battery problem of mobile devices, but what if what you are looking for is a global charging solution for everything you carry in the van? Charging stations (also known as power plant), allow you to stay days away from the plugs and go into forests or remote beaches without worries. Anker has presented the mammoth 747 Power Bank, with dizzying figures: a capacity of 25,600 mAh, it is fully charged in less than three hours, it has USB ports, but also conventional plugs with which portable appliances can be powered. This type of stations also allows charging several devices simultaneously.

CO₂ and other gas detector

The most experienced in motorhome trips have a lesson well learned: if there is any combustion element inside, it is essential to incorporate a CO₂ detector. Mendia assures that it is an element that has always accompanied him because he admits that “a couple of kitchens” have been set on fire. This gas can be produced not only when cooking, but is also present in portable refrigerators and heaters, which can be lethal while sleeping. This security measure coincides with Arantxa and Víctor, two old acquaintances from the camper world with their popular YouTube channel “Al son de mi furgón”; This Andalusian couple ups the ante and has equipped their lorry with a sensor that also includes narcotic gases, used by thieves while they sleep.

Built-in vacuum cleaner to keep the “house” always clean

“It is the novelty of this summer,” explains Alex Huesa to EL PAÍS, and refers to a built-in vacuum cleaner adapted to vans and motorhomes. Cleaning in such a small space is a double-edged sword: it is carried out relatively quickly, given that there are only a few meters of surface, but since you are always going in and out of areas of sand and earth, it is not easy to always maintain the soil. cleansed. With a broom and a dustpan you can solve the task; however, this device does it more efficiently and without taking up space (it hides under some of the furniture), and it will make cleaning much easier.

Rechargeable Flashlight

Every camper is very clear that some elements are essential and, furthermore, they cost very little. We mean a flashlight, useful when waking up in the middle of the night or just to check outside if you hear a strange noise. The market is full of references that, in addition to charging via USB, some incorporate a magnetized surface, so they can be attached to the wall or any metal area inside and always be at hand.

outdoor lights with motion sensor

Security is one of the areas where technology can contribute a lot in the world of motorhomes, and a simple way to dissuade friends from what is not theirs is to have good lighting. Again, for very little money you can add LED light modules that are activated at night when movement around the vehicle is detected.

Can more devices be added? It seems so: “Once we met an English traveler who had exterior night vision cameras”, explains Arantxa, “a Wi-Fi amplifier to have more coverage, bars, a peephole and a portable air conditioner to better combat the heat on your trip for Spain”. However, those in the know suggest that it is better that the technology related to security is not very evident in a van or motorhome, since “it seems that you are telling the thief that you have things of great value inside”, Mendia concludes.

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