“House of the Dragon”: the return to Westeros is full of politics, blood and dragons

History does not remember the blood, it remembers the names. (HBO)

King Viserys (considine rice) must name an heir to the Iron Throne because his plans did not go as expected. In the middle of a tournament held in his land, the worst news reaches the ears of the Hand of the King, Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans). Now, the future of Westeros will rest in the hands of two possible heirs: the king’s immoral brother, Prince Daemon (matt smith) or the hitherto unknown daughter of the king, Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock). This is the initial idea of house of the dragonthat began this Sunday night and in which those remembered evenings of game of Thrones.

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“Dracarys!” was heard. Y hbo he returned to unleash the gore, the orgies and the battles of armor and great swords with their own names for the return to the Earth now dominated by the Targaryens. Almost 200 years before the era of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), this prequel to game of Thrones The 10-part series tells the story of your ancestors during their rule of Westeros. With Jorge R.R. MartinThe writer of the novels (in this case “Fire and Blood”), as one of those most responsible for this fiction, the story will get inside the family that rules by force of dragons. Two of them already appeared in the pilot and it promises more of their flights, fire and all their power as the maximum visual appeal, contrary to the bet of the first season of GOT where, before the visual display in dragons, they bet on the development of characters and the most didactic explanation of this universe.

This prequel has ten episodes. (HBOMax)

Miguel Sapochnik is the showrunner of the series and director of the first episode. Connoisseur like few others of this history due to his constant presence in game of Thronesmade a solid pilot to introduce viewers to this new context. Infobae was able to access the first three episodes before the premiere of the series, which obviously bets more on visual and physical display than on drama with narrative depth. That is what could be seen in the first three chapters of the series, where the intensity rests on the political conflict and the consequences of making certain decisions, but does not delve, like its predecessor, into its characters and stories. At least for now.

King Viserys, seen as a weak ruler, too lazy, loses power and everyone begins to conspire against him. Faced with the decision to advance with Rhaenyra as his successor to the throne, perhaps the least accepted, the story is positioned in the search for alliances on both sides in order to break the chain of command and access the iron throne by force. . Daemon Targaryen is the ultimate contender for that power. Not because of a genuine desire, but because of the simple desire to generate chaos, as the same actor explained to Infobae, something that was evident in the raw fighting scene in the first episode. Matt Smith convinces and becomes a cast that borders on perfection for this role.

Matt Smith brings to life one of the main characters of the series.  (HBOMax)
Matt Smith brings to life one of the main characters of the series. (HBOMax)

However, women once again have a fundamental role in this new scenario that is about to explode, known as King’s landing. The young princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) and her friend, the daughter of the King’s hand, Alicent Hightower (emily carey), begin to suffer the first blows of being in the center of power. But through them, the viewer knows the fine interweaving of relationships and bureaucratic details at that time. On the other hand, the nicknamed “The queen that never was”, Rhaenys, seems to have accepted her destiny with enough patience since the beginning of the series, but the role that she will have in the future with her husband, Lord Corlys, is beginning to be understood. Velaryon (steve toussaint).

Another fundamental side that will be developed in the series and was well expressed in the first chapters is the role that the famous “winter” that lurked so much in Game of Thronesas well as the power of dragons. The first of these elements may play more as a connection to the previous series than as a true protagonist, while the dragons got a place of privilege. As soon as the series begins, the fiction recalls that the Targaryens dominated Westeros due to their power of 10 dragons. Yes, the rest of the map is expected to have more presence, but not as much since this is a fiction focused on the interiors of the castle and the Targaryen family.

Women once again have a fundamental role in this new scenario.  (HBOMax)
Women once again have a fundamental role in this new scenario. (HBOMax)

This prequel to game of Thrones He has already made sure to keep the attention of the oldest spectators and even readers of the saga. At times it seeks to clone (particularly perching on the parallelism between Rhaenyra and Daenerys) all the elements that made the original show such a success: the dragons, the gut-wrenching violence, the dreamy production design, and the political intrigue full of betrayals and mischief. intentions, but thinking of a smaller spectrum and based on the old prophecy of the Targaryens: winter is coming.

In others, the new characters and the families that circulated around the power of the Targaryensthey seem to be the novelty just like the beasts that were introduced in the first few episodes. However, this may just be a simple glimpse as there is a whole season left to discover. In my particular case, still seven episodes, and the surprises can change the course of the story at any time, something quite common in a fiction based on Martin’s novels. Nine weeks are expected to learn the story about the Targaryen family: fire and blood assured.

The spin-off series seeks to recover HBO’s most acclaimed production with this new story.

house of the dragon premieres episodes every Sunday hbo Y Max HBO.


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