How Hollywood was created | This is the story of his birth

By Dimas PL

If I tell you “McDonald’s”you tell me “Burger”

If I tell you “Patrick Jordan”you tell me “Fucking gym tables at home during the lockdown”

What if I tell you “Hollywood”?, Well, surely you answer me “The colossal American film industry!”

And so it has been for more than a century.

But where and how did the American film industry really start?

How was Hollywood created?

Well, it started at the other end of where you place it right now on the West Coast. That’s right, it started in New Jersey, East Coast.

The first film made entirely in Hollywood was a 1910 short titled in old california. A melodrama about the Mexican period in California directed by the legendary DW Griffith.

It was not until World War I, a few years later, that Hollywood’s reputation was fully established.

Why did Hollywood movie production skyrocket then? Well, to compensate for that void left by European films during the war.

From the East Coast to the West Coast

There were several reasons for the move from the East Coast to the West Coast. How could it be otherwise, one of them was “peel” (or the cost of labor).

Cecil B De Milledirector with Oscar Apfel of squaw manpointed out that in this film made in California the wages of carpenters and other workers were between 25% and 50% cheaper than in the East.

The union thing had not yet become fashionable in the area and the few that existed were persecuted by the pro-industrial government of Hollywood. So the magic of precariousness was made.

In addition, the directors, very clever, also began to look for areas where they could shoot outdoors for most of the year. That is to say, places sunnier than cold and cloudy New Jersey.

Even so, they avoided options like Florida and Louisiana due to the humidity, the threat of hurricanes, the inoperative fat people in electric vehicles and Santeria.

Already in the decade of the ten the wealthy bosses of Hollywood were beginning to promise 365 days a year of sunny weather to shoot.

“Come and occupy our lands. There is a constant golden sun that, apart from allowing you to shoot more frequently outdoors, will also illuminate your scenes better than those artificial lights that burn your movies!” Or something like that they used to rant.

Then there was the rich geographic variety in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

As soon as you walked with the set in tow, you were close: mountains, deserts and the ocean. Real, quality scenarios for your different types of movies. And if you add to that cheap land available for studios to buy and build their facilities…

I would already be!

One more reason to escape to the Promised Land of cinema

Another of the main reasons for this transfer to the West Coast comes from the hand of the film patent company of Thomas Edison himself and porculero.

*File photo.

Thomas AlvaEdison he was a very smart guy, he wore flannel, he invented things, and he also owned the patents on a lot of cameras and film equipment. In fact, his trust included other major patent holders, like fucking Kodak, whose film stock was pretty much the only one available for legal purchase.

Edison and his company controlled, with an iron hand, the licenses for the use of this equipment. It is said that he resorted to the forces of order, at that time known as “La Pasma” or “La Bofia” or even to hire goons, to make sure no one used their cameras and equipment without their permission.

So there you have it, Edison was not only hated by Tesla, but also by many filmmakers.

But what happened, that Hollywood turned out to be outside of his strict jurisdiction, so filmmakers fleeing the East Coast could not be sued there for illegal use of Edison equipment.

Hollywood was far enough away from Edison’s company headquarters that enforcement of its rules was more difficult.

*It may seem unlikely but the world was not as interconnected before as it is now.

In any case, the move allowed the filmmakers to experiment and prosper more than they could in the East, and to do so in better weather, by a pool, and with cheaper labor.

*If this flight west reminded you of the Jewish Exodus at all, because it probably would have also involved a lot of Jews, you are an anti-Semite. I said.

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