How much did Karol G cost her luxurious vacations in Santorini, Dubai and Kenya?

His trip through Santorini, Dubai and Kenya were the cities in which Karol G fired his blue hair color.

Photo: Arturo Rodriguez

Karol G announced this weekend her surprising change of look, as part of the closing of her life cycle in 2022, because after a season full of successes, sold out concerts and collaborations with international artists, ‘ La Bichota’ decided to say goodbye to her blue hair.

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Although it is only a change of color in her hair, Karol G made her change look like an event of great impact for her, her family and her followers.

Now, just like ‘The Little Mermaid’, as she let it be known on her social networks, ‘La Bichota’ this Monday finally revealed what her final hair color was.

A striking cherry red It was the color chosen by Karol G to start a new stage of her musical success, but in addition to announcing her change and to welcome the new color, she went on a luxurious vacation in three countries around the world, which are known for its high tourist offer and also for being a bit out of reach for ordinary people.

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Santorini, in Greece, and Kenya, in Africa, were the destinations that the paisa chose to go on vacation with her friends and people closest to her.

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This costs to travel to the cities that Karol G visited

With a small group of friends, he began his journey in Santorini, Greece, a destination that is particularly striking thanks to its traditional architecture and landscapes in the area. ‘La Bichota’, who has traveled to various parts of the world, affirmed through his stories that this vacation trip would be through the cities that she considered as her dream.

Santorini, Greece

Traveling to Santorini is one of the most exotic and desired plans by several tourists worldwide, but, indulging in the luxuries that Karol G had, can even exceed the expectations of many travel lovers.

Consulting on some pages of flight and accommodation reservations, we found the prices that could approximate the comforts that the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ had, these are our approximations:

  • Flights to Santorini: Can be found from $6,062,224 to $10,619,149 pesos per personor more. This totally depends on the season in which the trip is chosen. In the case of tickets, it must be taken into account that they are commercial.
  • Accommodation in Santorini: In the case of renting a place to stay, you can find spaces from $3,079,060 to $22,446,780 pesos, per adult.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The most touristic and visited city in the region also received Karol G with open doors. She and her friends decided to stay a couple of days in one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world and stay in the luxurious burj al arab, one of the tallest hotels in the world with 321 meters high.

  • Flights to Dubai: Traveling to Dubai, the country on the Asian continent, can be between $8,600,000 to $14,112,100 pesos.
  • Accommodation in Dubai: One night in this luxurious building you can reach cost between $5,000,000 to 25,000,000 pesos.

Kenya, Africa

Finally, Karol G’s last vacation destination was exotic Kenya, where in addition to enjoying the sunset to the rhythm of one of the ‘Lion King’ songs, she also had an approach with lions, giraffes and elephants, a trip in hot air ballooning and other activities with your friends.

  • Flights to Kenya: Depending on the area where you are looking to arrive, flights to Kenya could exceed 11,000,000 pesos.
  • Safari in Kenya: Although ‘La Bichota’ did not show details about his accommodation, he did disclose the luxurious safari to which he had access, which could be among the $9,000,000 to $52,000,000 pesos, depending on what the plan in question has.

Although we did not take into account the luxurious activities that the Paisa singer did during her time in these countries, the figure that adds lodging and commercial flights to these parts of the world, greatly exceeds the values ​​you are getting used to.

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