How much did the tickets increase? Nothing stops Argentines from going to Miami

No matter devaluations, new perceptions or pandemics, Argentines always want to travel. But the restrictions that the Government sought to discourage international travel to prevent the flight of dollars are not having an effect. Nothing stops Argentine tourists who don’t mind paying up to $2,000 for a round-trip ticket to spend a few days in Miami.

The increase in the perception on account of taxes on Income and on Personal Assets for a set of operations in foreign currency, which went from 35% to 45%, making the tourist dollar more expensive, had an impact on the price of tickets to the outside, that rose between 6 and 7% between Thursday and last Friday.

“The country tax of 30% and the perception of 45% impact only the rate. All other applicable taxes and fees on international air tickets are exempt from the calculation. For the passenger, the recently reported increase in 10% represents approximately 6% of the final price of the airfare”, Paula Cristi, general manager of Despegar for Argentina and Uruguay, explained to La Nación.

The exchange gap favors those who have dollars saved.

Yesterday, President Alberto Fernández criticized tourists who “buy dollars to travel” because, according to him, “make the blue dollar rise”. In the same vein, she spoke of the speculators who make the dollar rise. The answers were immediate on the networks and especially in the tourism forums where they talk about the disastrous driving and the permanent punishment of the tourism sector.

The flights scheduled for the coming weeks are practically complete. That is why the airlines add frequencies and the hotel chains prepare for one of the best seasons in these winter holidays.

Aerolineas Argentinas has a daily flight between Argentina and Miami. For the next few weeks, there is between 90% and 80% occupancy. Air tickets for the most requested dates are between US$1,000 and US$1,200 ($238,000 and $286,800, to the tourist dollar). But many pay up to 2,000 ($478,000) in economy class, because the planes are full.

The Almundo travel agency told El Cronista Comercial that, andSo far in July, 20% has been set aside to travel during this month and 30% to do so in August. “The average stay is four nights, with an average value of US$220 for each one,” they detail regarding the contracting of hotels.

Agencies and airlines closed a significant flow of operations for the last months of the year and take reservations for the first semester 2023, a time when there is a lot of interest in traveling.

Airlines are in high demand for tickets to Miami, the favorite destination of Argentines

The truth is that, despite the devaluation of the peso and the acceleration of inflation in the United States, in the They assure that the exchange rate gap favors those who have dollars saved. It is that many have become accustomed to saving in dollars and, when spending with a card is more convenient than in cash, they sell green tickets to pay for consumption with a card at a discount.

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