how much does it cost and how to request it

(CNN Spanish) — The digital ID, with which in addition to doing paperwork in Colombia you can travel to eight countries in the region without needing a passport, costs around 56,000 pesos and is obtained after a face-to-face appointment at the offices of the National Registry. Here we explain the process.

To request the document you must make an appointment at one of the offices of the National Registry through this page.

You must complete a series of personal data —full name, document number, issue date, email, cell phone number, correspondence address and a password—, pay the cost of the procedure and then schedule the appointment.

On the selected date you must go to the Registrar’s office, where they will take a photo and your fingerprints.

How is the document you receive?

When you process the digital ID, the first thing you receive is a physical document in polycarbonate. From that card you can generate a second digital version to activate on your smartphone, either in the Android or iOS operating system.

After having attended the appointment, you can verify through the institution’s page in which state the processing of the document is in to claim it when it is ready, as the Registrar’s Office explains in this video.

Then you must download the Colombia Digital ID app (here on Google Play and here on the App Store) and activate the digital document from the QR code or activation link that will arrive in your email.

Remember that at this time the digital ID does not replace the traditional ID, but rather those who want to process it voluntarily can request it and it is considered a duplicate.

Payment mechanisms and cost of the procedure

In order to schedule the appointment, you must pay the procedure that costs 55,750 Colombian pesos, according to the Registry.

There are two possible means of payment: you can do it in person at Banco Popular, Efecty, Supergiros, Matrix Giros and Servicios SAS or at 4-72 or, otherwise, do it through the secure online payment system (PSE) .

If you chose to pay in person, you must have the receipt at hand when you schedule the appointment because the system will ask you for the transaction details.

When the payment is approved, an email is sent confirming the appointment to process the document.

The identity card as a valid document for travel in the region

The digital ID will serve as a travel document to enter eight countries in South America where you will no longer have to present a passport if you have this document. informed the National Registry.

You can use the digital card to enter the member and associated countries of the Andean Community: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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