how much does it cost to maintain the suv car

The automatic offroader Fiat Pulse hit the market at the end of April, a long-awaited launch as it is the brand’s first small SUV, and quickly positioned itself as the cheapest among competitors in the segment.

Designed in Brazil, the Pulse is offered in three versions that range between 3,790,600 and $4,219,300, although in September it could jump in price by running the internal tax barrier, which will go from affecting cars of $4,300,000 to those of $5,050,000. This amount works as a barrier for the models that want to be kept without the tax, since when they are affected they increase by 20 percent.

Until the listings are updated, the Pulse is one of the best options to buy within the SUV segment Band that’s why we review what they are maintenance costs that must be calculated to have it in the garage.

Available with two engine optionsCombined with a manual or automatic gearbox, these are the unavoidable expenses for patent, insurance, fuel and garage, although you also have to have a “savings” for the unforeseen expenses that always arise.

The Fiat Pulse SUV car: up to $56,645

For To access the cheapest model of the Pulse, you have to choose the Drive 1.3 version with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which has a value of 3,790,600 pesos.

The Fiat Pulse Drive is equipped with a 1.3-liter 99-hp Firefly engine and 5-speed manual gearbox or CVT automatic. According to the value of the car in August, the patent it is about $189,530 a year, that is, $15,700 a month. This expense is divided into 5 or 6 installments depending on the province.

The Fiat Pulse SUV car spends 9 liters of fuel every 100 km

Another of the fixed expenses to maintain a car is the surethat at least must be contracted against a third party. In this case, we calculate a full third amounting to $11,745 per month. As for the Servicekey to maintaining the vehicle warranty, Fiat subsidizes the 10,000 and 20,000 kilometers, and only at 30,000 do you have to pay it, which comes out at 36,000 pesos.

Finally, the expenses of daily use appear, which vary according to each owner of the vehicle. For example, for someone who travels about 15,000 kilometers a year, that is, about 50 kilometers per day on average, considering the indications of the mark that indicates a consumption of 9 liters every 100 kilometers, he will spend $14,700 with regular fuel and $18,000 with Premium.

In this way, adding garage and two washes per month, the cost will be as follows:

  • Patent: $15,700
  • Insurance: $11,745
  • Service: Bonus
  • Fuel: $14,700 / $18,000
  • Garage: 11,000
  • Washing: $3,600 (two per month)

With these expenses, per month, about $56,645 will have to be allocated to maintain the Pulse, that is, about 680,000 pesos.

Top-of-the-line Fiat Pulse SUV: up to $60,000

In the case of choosing the top-of-the-range version of the Pulse, the so-called Impetus, the SUV has a price of 4,219,300 pesos. This model is equipped with a 1.0 Turbo 120 hp enginewith Multiair III technology, direct fuel injection and 100% aluminum block. The box is CVT with 7 preprogrammed gears.

The Fiat Pulse inside, with a large touch screen.

The Fiat Pulse SUV car inside, with a large touch screen

In this case, a cost of patent of $210,965 a year, that is, about $17,582 per monthto which must be added the insurance, which for a complete third party reaches 13,000 pesos. The service is also subsidized in the first and second sections, starting to pay just after 30,000 km, a price of 36,000 pesos.

In terms of fuel consumption and the rest of the expenses, it is similar to the cheapest version, so that the total cost is as follows:

  • Patent: $17,582
  • Insurance: $14,000
  • Service: Bonus
  • Fuel: $14,700 / 18,000
  • Garage: $11,000
  • Laundry: $3,600 (2 per month)

In this way, the monthly expense will be $60,782, that is, 210,965 pesos per year.

Fiat Pulse SUV car equipment

The new SUV for the small segment came to occupy a vacant space in Fiat’s offer, which only offered the 500X in this category, much more expensive since it is imported from Europe.

In terms of equipment and comfort, the Pulse stands out for its elevated design, with a rear spoiler that provides a sporty touch, while the wheels are 16-inch on the Drive versions and 17-inch diamond-cut on the Impetus. All versions have roof bars, full led headlights and skid plate.

Large interior space for the Fiat Pulse.

Large interior space for the Fiat Pulse SUV car

As for the interior design, it has a new digital dashboard, two types of upholstery, fabric and leather, and updated climate controls. In terms of technology, it has a 7-inch digital cluster, automatic and digital air conditioning, steering wheel paddles for the CVT box, keyless ignition, standard cell phone charger on all versions and an 8.4-inch floating screen or touch screen. 10.1 inches.

In securityIt has advanced driving assistance (ADAS), with automatic emergency braking and lane departure alert, among others. In addition, it has 4 airbags as standard.

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