How much does it cost to rent a week where Guillermina Valdés spends the holidays with her youngest son and they go skiing from the house

Going skiing from the cabin is the main attraction of The Slopes Ski Villagea small private area at 1400 meters high in San martin de los andes that has cabins next to two ski slopes. It’s about the only place in the country where you can do this, and Guillermina Valdes He chose that lodging to spend the winter holidays alone with Lorenzo, his youngest son.

The place is ideal for those who want go out with your skis on from the door of your house without having to carry them on your shoulderas well as for beginners looking for easy tracks to learn away from the crowded hill. It has two ski slopes, one with a poma and another with a chairlift, whose base is a few meters from the Terrazas del Refugio restaurant. overlooking the Lanin volcano and others lake lacar.

The property has a little more than 90 houses of different entrepreneursthat are both on the side of both tracks and between the internal roads. The project that began 25 years ago is located 30 minutes from the town and 3 kilometers from the hill, but that is not an impediment to going to the Cerro Chapelco to ski as there are direct shortcuts in the form of paths from which you can go skiing. In other words, those who stay there can put on their skis in the comfort of their home and go skiing directly to the hill without the need to travel by car and transport equipment. To alleviate the intense days of this snow sport, there are even families who take advantage of these paths to return to their cabin to have lunch, change their wet clothes and then return by the same shortcut to continue the afternoon.

Two private slopes where guests can ski

The enterprise that began with the bare mountain today it has natural gas, fiber optics, an electric generator and a grocery store. In Las Pendientes there is also a Ski Rental of equipment for those who do not have their own without having to go to the center and a transport service that -in case of not skiing or wanting to go down to the restaurant without the appropriate clothing- they can pay snowmobiles to go up and down to the cabin. Those who are learning to ski can take classes with one of the 30 instructors there and if they have small children they can leave them in the care of the nursery where they will learn and spend the day with other children.

One of the most attractive activities is the descent with torchesin which one night a week the local skiers get together to ski down in a row with lit torches to the rhythm of the song chariots of fire.

Guillermina Valdés is at El Refugio Ski & Summer Lodge, a venture of 44 units from 53 to 93 square meters destined for a swimming pool income. For a week of skiing in high seasonthe smallest properties with capacity for three adults and two minors can be rented from $637,000 with VAT included and with breakfastuntil $1.3 million for the package that also includes dinner, equipment and passes for the two exclusive tracks of Las Pendientes. Meanwhile, the three-bedroom units with capacity for up to five adults have a base price of $1.2 million per week and the most expensive combo amounts to $2.1 million a week.

The week of accommodation for a typical family starts at $637,000
The week of accommodation for a typical family starts at $637,000

The real estate project began in 2019 and this season it finished launching its latest largest units. It has SUM with fire and grill area, living room, grill areas with recreational living, Kids Club with nursery, charter service from the airport, two equipped barbecue areas with grills for 15 people, spa, swimming pool Outgym, dry sauna, wet sauna, relaxation area, massage room and Scottish shower. This year registered a significant volume of tourists, local and foreign, who come from neighboring countries to enjoy the Andean landscape. Like Valdés, other celebrities chose the privacy of the place. Fede Bal was recently therealthough some others visit it with a low profile.

In the rest of the slopes, weekly rentals average US$5,000 for houses of 400 meterswhere one or two comfortable families can stay depending on the house.

Weekly rentals average US$5,000 for houses of 400 meters
Weekly rentals average US$5,000 for houses of 400 meters

The Ski & Summer Lodge, where Guillermina and Lorenzo are staying, construction was completed this winter and it is located in the lower part of the poma track. One of its advantages is its low location on the mountain, so it is close to the restaurant. It consists of 11 modules of four units each. Of the total 44 apartments there are 42 sold and for now there are no published for resale. The one-bedrooms sold for US$185,000 while the two-bedrooms sold for US$235,000. It is offered as a trust and is financed with advances of 40%. Then it is paid in 12 installments in pesos updated by the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAC). Beginning with their first season, the units demonstrated an annual return of 8% and 9% in dollar terms.

The Shelter consists of eleven modules of four units each
The Shelter consists of eleven modules of four units each

The project designed by the Tao Desarrollos architecture studio under the direction of architects Willie Zorzit and Gustavo García Villanueva, and marketed by Toribio Achával and Finca Sur Servicios Inmobiliarios, contemplates launching a third stage with a similar typology. In the meantime, they launched a saga of the project with 150-meter cabins under the name “Los Altos El Refugio”, which are sold for US$365,000.

In the meantime, in Las Pendientes the offer of houses for sale -which is scarce- starts from US$700,000 for 300 square meters up to US$900,000 for the largest ones of 400 m². There are also not many lots left for sale, of which the average is 2500 square meters and are offered between US$160,000 and US$180,000. Those available today are mostly for individuals, since there are no more than those that could be used for commercial purposes such as tourist cabins.

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