How much does it cost to travel by camper?

We have experienced the first “exit operations” of the summer. Vacationers have scaled their getaways to avoid traffic jams on the busiest roads in Spain. Many, however, have stayed in the offices and are still planning our vacations. A few weeks that have become an obstacle course with the aim of reducing costs and avoiding excessive expenses in the face of the historical price of gasoline and the unstoppable inflation that we are experiencing. Everything costs more, but: Do you know how much it costs to travel in a motorhome or camper? We tell you.

How much does it cost to travel by motorhome or camper? It will depend on the style of travel.

To the rental of the vehicle we must add fuel, camping, meals and other investments which will also depend on our style of travel. It is impossible to put a final price on a getaway in a motorhome or camper, but we can get an idea if we take all these factors into account. In addition, it will help us to compare and verify that the freedom of movement, autonomy and adventure They are not the only advantages of traveling on wheels. We can even take the route of the castles that we recommend in this article.

You have to be foresight

If you don’t own a leisure vehicle, you’ll need to rent one for your RV vacation. This procedure requires anticipation but even so, the prices of the high season double those of any weekend. As with planes, hotels and other services, summer is a time of high demand and companies make a profit.

The Roadsurfer company uses algorithms that allow you to rent a camper for 55 euros.

In order to encourage new users in the caravanning world, some camper rental companies use algorithms that drastically reduce costs per day in low season. Roadsurfer, for example, offers days from 55 eurosbut you will never see them from May to November. This time, especially between June, July and August, daily prices can reach 200 euros depending on the model chosen, its engine and the seats in the passenger compartment.

The investment in the rental will depend on the people involved in it. Traveling as a family is not the same as traveling between friends or as a couple, you will divide the expense among the lucky adventurers. The same thing happens with the budget for gasoline, which has become the most precious commodity these days. Even the police have detected a boom in the theft of liquid gold. Enough reason to explain some tips and tricks to avoid having your gasoline stolen from your car.

How much will I spend during the trip?

There are some essential expenses during a trip in a motorhome or camper, starting with gasoline. Going through the pump has become a real torture and at the wheel of a leisure vehicle they will not be sporadic stops, rather regular ones.

The consumption of a camper is higher due to its weight and aerodynamic resistance and, faced with that, there is little we can do beyond driving as efficiently as possible. The numbers are also different depending on the model, with data around the 8 l/100 km for campers such as the Volkswagen California and about 10 l/100 km for larger motorhomes and equipment.

great california
The most equipped and large models consume more during the trip / Photo: Grand California

Camping is another of the key moments for our pocket, but we have more alternatives. Far from what we might think at first, campsites are not an economic solution in high season. The excellent services and privileged climate of Spain have made our country a regular destination for families from the rest of Europe. The more demand, the more price. A place for camping, in a average rated campsite (three to four stars) will not drop below 70 euros a night if we think of a family of 4 members with availability to take charge, water and pet.

Many of you might think that it looks like an apartment, and you are not wrong. It is the main reason why motorhome and camper users seek alternatives such as motorhome areas or parking lots with the possibility of spending the night. Thanks to apps like Park4Night or VanPerfectYou can find areas to park your mobile home for a more contained price.

The specific areas, with toilets, showers, water, electrical outlets and gray water emptying, you will pay 10 euros at most and are usually well located to access the city or tourist destination.

Roadsurfer has launched an application with incredible spots and very affordable prices.

Restoration is another of the high expenses during the holidays. As recommended by ASEICAR (Spanish Association of Caravanning Industry and Commerce), the gastronomy is part of the culture of a place and it is advisable to meet her. In addition, in this way we support tourism and are part of the long-awaited economic recovery.

Saving is essential, but these establishments require our visits during lunch and dinner. Take advantage of your equipment motorhome or camper and reduce spending on breakfastprepare your snacks and launch yourself to discover the world.

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