How much does whale watching cost in Puerto Madryn – Argentina

The city of Puerto Madryn is located in the Northwest Coast from the province of Chubutjust 100 kilometers from Peninsula Valdésa natural area protected by UNESCO since 1999.

Although it is a tourist destination that can be visited all year roundCome in May and December Becomes a almost obligatory visit because it is the time in which the whale watching. September and November is when more copies are in the area. Being October a good month to observe them.

Whales can be seen from a boat or from the coast in the El Doradillo Natural Protected Area.

1. Viewing from the coast

In the El Doradillo Natural Protected Area coastal sightings are made. just 18 kilometers from the center of Puerto Madryn, you access the Las Canteras beach areawhere you can see the whales in their natural habitat. Is a boulder beach, extensive and calm. Their deep and calm waters make him one of the best places in the world to see whales, since many times the copies are approaching few meters from the coast. The mothers go with their babies from one end of the beach to the other, while the visitors accompany the tour.

Of free and open accessIt is a unique show to enjoy with the family together with some mates and a picnic basket.

In the city of Puerto Madrynalong the 3 km of its coast, also you can see what the locals call, “the fat ones”. Whether having lunch in a parador facing the sea, walking along the promenade or during a visit to the Luis Piedra Buena Pier, you can see themso you have to be very careful. This activity is free of charge.

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2. On-Board Sighting

The sightings shipped are offered in Pyramids Portthe only town within the Península Valdés Protected Natural Area. In boats, rubber boats and catamaransThese tours span about an hour and a half. They can be done during day or under evening lightand are accompanied by specialized guides in the matter.

In the way to or from the PeninsulaI know recommended to visit the Interpretation Center “Ameghino Isthmus”where there is educational information on Flora and fauna of the area, illustrations and even a scale replica of a whale.

Prices: the cost of the boat watching activity varies according to the time of year. Between 08/01 and 08/31, it costs $9,000 for older and $4,500 for minors. And between 09/01 and 12/15 the entrance costs $15,000 for older and $7,500 for minors.

One of the last tourist proposals that arose in relation to the whales is that of the semi-submersible Yellow Submarine. It’s about the first boat designed specially for whale watching. It allows passengers observe the whales both on the surfacefrom the Top decklike from the submarine cabinthrough the 40 windows that it has under the water level. In addition, the ship has hydrophones to hear the sounds that emit the Whales.

Prices: the cost of the excursion It is $16,800 for adults and $8,400 for minors (between 06/15 and 08/31). Between 09/01 and 10/31 entry costs $25,200 for adults and $12,600 for minors.

The entry Alabama Peninsula Valdés Protected Natural Area It is $2,800 for adults and $800 for minors in the case of foreign. For Argentinesthe cost is $1,300 for adults and $600 for minors. These fees are included when excursions are booked.

3. Sea lions

snorkeling with sea lions is one of the star excursions. A unique experience that can be done in Puerto Madrynthe national diving capital. This activity takes place in the Punta Loma Protected Natural Areaabout 15 kilometers from the city center.

It is a unique attraction in the world, since the frequency of interaction of sea lions with visitors is very high For two reasons: wolves have no natural predators in the area (such as killer whales or white sharks) and are part of a permanent colonythat is to say, that it has wolves in the rookery throughout the year.

The sea ​​lions surprise with their heads very close to the boatexpectantly, looking to discover who will be the first person to enter the water to play with them. The game is proposed by them and the tourists as spectators adapt. This activity can be done all year.

Prices: the diving baptism cost $15,600 either $22,000 in case you want it to be shortened. The snorkel with wolves it costs $20,000 and the diving with wolves $28,000.

4. Adrenaline in a lunar landscape in front of the sea

A option for tourists looking for adventure, is the Excursion in a 4×4 truck through Cerro Avanzado, 17 km south of the city.

Throughout the tour, you pass through footprints of fields, dunes and cliffs. Along the way they also perform recognition of marine remains and fossils, sedimentary formations millions of years old that they keep among their strata geological remains oyster and vertebrate fossils marinepart of the invaluable paleontological heritage of the area.

It is also done interpretation of the flora of the placeuntil you get to panoramic point “Cerro Avanzado”where a mini reconnaissance of the place is made on foot. The Hill is located 102msnm and from that point you can observe the entire Valdés Peninsula and the Nuevo Gulf. To the right it is observed Tip Nymphs and on the other sector of the mouth you can see the Morro Nuevo Lighthouse. For those looking for a connection with natureis a place where silence and landscapes invite you to take a deep breath and relax.

The excursion can be done all year round, approximately 40 km are traveled and it has an estimated duration of 3 hours. It does in the morning and there is also an option to sunset fraud minced of seafood and wines.

Prices: The vehicle rental cost between $14,500 and $35,500 depending on the number of kilometers that you want to do in the day.

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