How much money do you earn if you invest $130,000?

Savers evaluate how to capitalize on their savings in the current context. To help them, we calculate how much $130,000 yields in fixed term at Banco Nación

By Pilar Wolffelt

08/26/2022 – 7:44 p.m.

These days, a traditional fixed term is an investment alternative that qualifies all savers with a conservative profile and that’s because it’s an instrument that guarantees a fixed annual income and does not carry too much risk. Although the high inflation registered during this year in Argentina is one of the variables that can make it not such an attractive option, in recent times the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) The rate of the traditional fixed term rose sharply to try to win the race against that index.

So that you analyze whether or not it is convenient for you to put your weights in this type of instrument, We help you calculate how much a traditional fixed term yields at Banco Nación (BNA), an entity that has a large number of salary payment accounts for retirees and workers and that is the most chosen by savers to put their time investments.

Fixed term Banco Nación: how much do you earn per month with $130,000

So, how much does a fixed term of $130,000 at Banco Nación yield today? The current annual nominal rate set by the BCRA for is 69.5%, which is equivalent to a monthly yield for which the monthly income offered by the fixed term in the Nation is 5.79% taking into account the rate regulated by the BCRA for all financial entities.

A) Yes, At the end of the first 30 days, you will have earned $7,527 and will have a total of $137,527 in your account. Although it is a low return compared to last month’s inflation, which was 7.4%, and August’s, which could exceed 6%, the projection is that it will drop to around 5% in September, which would put the return on the fixed term at a more acceptable level with respect to inflation.

However, you have to keep in mind that, if you decide to renew the initial investment, the $130,000 plus the month-to-month profit, you have to calculate the return you will have based on the Annual Effective Rate (TEA), which from August 12 , is 96.6%, closer to the inflationary projections of around 95% made by private analysts for this year.

Consequently, If you keep rolling over the starting capital plus monthly earnings for a year, at the end of that period, at the current rate, you’ll have a return of $125,580, almost double the starting capital of $130,000, and you’ll accumulate $255,580.

Banco Nación is widely chosen by retirees and public workers.

Banco Nación is widely chosen by retirees and public workers.

Banco Nación Fixed Term: the channels you can use to do it

The channels to put a fixed term in BNA are several. The most traditional is at a branch: it can be done at any of the 644 physical locations that this public bank has, and the minimum placement allowed through this option is $1,500.

But you can also make an electronic or Web fixed term. These options require follow this step by step:

  1. From the computer, cell phone or from any ATM of the Link Network, you must enter the Investments option and select the Fixed term tab.
  2. In that link, go to Fixed Term Web, enter the CUIT and the email address.
  3. Select the Traditional option and the period during which you want to constitute the fixed term.
  4. Choose the type of renewal for the Fixed Term (Total, Partial, Automatic or Without Automatic Renewal) and select the account that will be used to debit the initial capital and in which the profit obtained will be deposited.

One thing you should know is that the basic investment for this alternative is from $500 and up.

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